Friday, 13 February 2009

Catch Up

I dyed my hair last night - had a brief flight of fancy about adding a subtle red hue to my dark brown locks. My aim was to go from Morticia Adams to Isla Fisher in 'Confessions..'


It didn't make a blind bit of difference OR cover any of the silver unicorn hairs that now slink their way through my fringe. WTF!?

So today I bought 'mahogany: guaranteed to cover first greys' - I figure they must be ' first greys', right? I'm not THAT old!!

I also trimmed my fringe - a bit wonky....ahhh the things you do when trying not to stuff your face! HAHAHA!

It's Friday afternoon here in Blighty, I've managed to get done all I needed to do today so I reckon I'll head off at 4pm - the joys of flexi time :)

So tomorrow is the BIG first weigh in.....YEESH! Although I am hoping there will be less of me to weigh this week than last BUT I feel like I'm so used to being gutted at the scales, I've forgotten what it was like when I was losing regularly! I FEEL like I've lost weight but sometimes I feel like a bottle of wine and a 250g bag of Doritos won't do me any harm, which is clearly delusional.

Anyhoo - OBVIOUSLY will keep you posted.

Brief food list catch up:

Wed - Breakfast = 1 small banana (1), 1 ww yoghurt (1), strawberries (1/2)
Lunch = No points soup - tomato and celery homemade (0), 1 ryvita (1) and 2 laughing cow cheese triangles (1)

Dinner = tray roast veg in balsamic vinegar (o) and a piece of chicken (2 1/2)

I also had another banana (1) mid morning and a ww Bar after dinner (1 1/2)...oh and 2 crispbreads aka thin bloody air (1)

So all in all that adds up to : 10 1/2 to combat the gluttony of Tuesday!

Thursday - Breakfast - 2 slices of Warburtons Wholmeal bread (3), 1 tsp half fat butter (1), 2 cups of tea with skimed milk.

Lunch - I was really lazy today so just had the same old again 1 small banana (1), grapes (1), 1 ww yog (1/2), 4 ryvita (2) with 2 laughing cow triangles (1) and a ww bar (1 1/2)

Dinner - Steamed salmon in lemon juice and mustard, 60g of cous cous (3) with veg fried in soy sauce added, plus chilli, garlic and lemon juice. (0)

Oh I also had a tall skinny latte from Nero during the day too, so (2), plus 2 x 50ml dry Martini with slimline tonic while I swanned around my house dyeing my hair, singing and generally carrying on! So, (1) for that. I also put the drink in a big wine glass so it felt like a good ol' glass of vino....

Speaking of wine...have never tried the ww wine (being a wannabe fine wine connaisseur!!) - anyobe got any opnions on it?? is it good or no?

I digress, so the total for Thursday was 21 exactly - a bit worrying because I haven't done any exercise today - couldn't fit a swim into the working day, but at least I'm not over pointage.

Today (Friday), I've had 60g of porridge oats with skimmed milk (3)and 2 cups of tea with skim. (I am so sick of typing the word 'skim' or 'skimmed' milk - please just assume I mean skimmed milk in the future unless otherwise specified! I'm doing my own head in here!!) another bloody ww yoghurt (1/2) with banana (1) and grapes (1) and a massive salad with balsamic vinegar on it. (0) I've allowed (1) for milk today. For dinner I am making chicken Kiev ( 4.5) with potatoes or couscous and veg - haven't decided yet!

So running total for Friday is 6 1/2 thus far.......laters fat fighters

BFP xxxxxx

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