Monday, 9 February 2009

two in one day!

Hello blogpals! Just a quick update as I have a very urgent matter to attend to (two new episodes of "The Hills" to catch up on!!!)

Foodlists for monday feb 9th:-

Porridge oats one and a half
Lunch- 4 ryvita and 2 laughing cow xl (3 total)

Mid afternoon coffe skim and 2 crispbreads for one point

Dinner: a piece of fresh salmon fillet steamed in lemon juice and wholegrain mustard on top- 4 points

A bag of long grain brown rice for six and a half

Green beans
Red pepper
Salt and pepper
Soy sauce

4 heaped tbsp sweetcorn 2
2 tbsp garden peas 2

I cooled the rice and stir fried the veg in soy sauve and then added rice to veg and stir fried a bit more, divided it in 2, tupperwared half for lunch tomoz) and placed the salmon on top of the rice and scoffed the lot - I was hungry as I went home via gym n swim.

So all in all a pretty good day!!! And well within pointage so job's a good'un!!! Wooop!!!

Must dash, la-la land is calling!!!!!

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