Thursday, 24 June 2010

Freak of Nature

So yesterday was a good day - I ate splendidly well and healthily, England sucked considerably less at footy, I passed an assignment with flying colours, put together a business plan for a brand new opportunity I've been offered, caught up with my sister before she trolls off the the land of Glastonbury and leisurely ran 7 or so miles. After my shower, I stood in front of the mirror I was marvelling at how flat my stomach was. That sentence sounds weird but oh the HOURS I have spent in front of a mirror scrutinising my body. Yesterday I was amazed at the definition in my abs, think Britney in the Slave4u video (in my head at least LOL) and went to bed pretty much buzzing.

Today, par contre, a mere sleep later I am bloated, feeling decidedly rotund, fat, heavy and pretty much a walking carb! I am craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaving sandwiches and crisps and even stooped so low as to buy a Twirl before, which I woofed down and barely even tasted.

I am well aware that this is hormone induced and will pass but still it just astounds me! I know that what my body needs is to chug water, peppermint tea, eat a nice healthy meal later and to move - this is, after all, Thursday evening aka 'beast it' night - but I really feel inclined to go home (via the chippy and off license) and thoroughly surrender to my current hormone induced nonsensical attitude.

I am sooooooo loathe to blame feeling like this on my freaking period - especially when I spend my days challenging people NOT to give in to their hormones. is it REALLY hormones? I dont feel any less comitted tot he cause than yesterday, nothing happened over night to make me lose the plot, so the only thing I can think is it must be that.

Ah well. I'm off to lock the Oreos in my desk drawer.........

Lizzie xoxox

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