Friday, 1 April 2011

A little perspective.....

This morning on the way to work I was confronted head on with an entirely unpleasant blast from the past. I'll spare you the details of what/when/who/why but suffice it to say the typical reaction for me when faced with this particular occurrence on the mercifully rare occasions it happens, would be one of blind panic, definitely 'flight' rather than 'fight' and more often than not crazy puking and the triggering of major restrictive eating for a while after. Today, however, as I sat on that train, panicking, it suddenly occurred to me that I'm not the same person anymore. "The old has gone...the new has come"...I can choose for myself now, how I react in any given situation. I am not controlled by negative thoughts or behaviours, and certainly not by another individual. I was faced with a choice. In the end, I did get off the train a stop too early. But in a calm, controlled way. Not rushing, or panicking or - I am pleased to report - throwing up ! Squared shoulders, standing tall. A few calming yoga breaths on the short walk to the office and a quick 'mind game' and all was once more right with the world. Furthermore, I sat down at my desk and ate my planned breakfast of strawberries, grapes, banana and apple with porridge oats, almonds and greek crazy eating patterns for me thank you very much ! POSITIVE CHANGES ! With clients I ask them all the time to practice the technique of being able to recall at a moment's notice 5 things that have changed for the better, or that they are proud of, pleased with, know to be different about themselves - progress points, if you will. Today, confronted with that situation, this little exercise served to strengthen me. It helped me realise what I have achieved: personally, professionally, in life and where I am going, who I am and who I am not any longer! In no particular order... 1) I am confident in who I am 2) I am content with my life in the here and now 3) I am no longer trapped by my own body or mind, by restriction or by being overweight 4) I have done things I never thought myself capable of 5) I am happy So there you go. Give it a try. It really does help! Shift your perspective onto the positives and you can't go far wrong. I tweeted this this morning, hence the blog post.... " @lixwall Sometimes you're faced with an experience you'd rather forget...use it as a marker for how far you've come, how changed you are #positivity " So go on, tell me ! What are your 5 things ! Comment or tweet !


Bella said...

loved reading this :)

Charlotte said...

Yayayay! So happy you're back AND so happy that you are so happy:) Sounds like you handled the situation perfectly!

Mark Raynsford PT said...

1) Leaving a secure IT job, starting my own PT business from scratch and running a `REAL' business now
2) Likewise with bootcamps, now running 5 locations, soon to be six, with great results, attendance and people
3) Meeting some great people and helping them through twitter
4) Getting articles in national magazines
5) 2011 - the best year to date!