Friday, 5 February 2010

Before I chicken out...

.....I need to say this.

Friends, today is a day not unlike many I have had before. Thankfully said days occur few and far between now. Today, however, is one of them. Today is a day where it is difficult to eat. So enchanted am I with this suddenly-visibly-new body of mine, so delighted with muscle tone and angles and leanness and bones and flat stomach that as I stand here, in the kitchen, to eat my porridge made with skim milk, that little, almost-forgotten voice that lives deep within pipes up...."You don't have to eat that..." Just a hint, a suggestion. Nothing too drastic. But nevertheless it is there.
Here's what I know:

Last night I did BodyPump, ran 4 miles and did 90 minutes of yoga.

This morning my body needs fuel.

I am tired and fatigued. This morning my body needs fuel.

I'm seeing my trainer this evening. This morning my body needs fuel.

If I think of it like that, it seems easier.

Just needed to get that off my chest....



Millie said...

You knew I was going to read that, right? Just want to say that You Are Not Going There -and we both know where "There" is.

I was in the middle of blogging about motivation & goals when I read your post. If all your hard work doesn't lead to sanity then you've been working towards the wrong goal. Find a goal that will give you peace when you get there. And remember - there is no such place as "Perfect"; perfect is not at the end of any road you choose to take. Only loveable imperfection. Love you.

Kyle Gershman said...
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Kyle Gershman said...


It is always amazing to find folks like you who do more in an evening than I feel like I do in a week!

So awesome for you!

Aberdeen said...

While I admire your stamina...

Bodypump is at least 45 mns, right?
4 miles maybe took you 30 minutes at least?
90 mns of yoga..

Makes 3 hours of exercise & no breakfast?

I say please have it.

Glam said...

Sweets, there's a difference between maintaining your new lovely, healthy shape & withholding much needed fuel from yourself. You need to eat in order to keep up with your level of activity. Your body will glow even more than it does if you give it the right fuel. You know what to do... ;)
I'm glad you shared this with us, though.