Saturday, 6 February 2010

Take THAT, weird voices in head!

So after yesterday morning's teetering-on-the-brink-o'-madness (again), I was very quickly set right by (a) my own good sense and determination and (b) you wonderful people who commented and tweeted/texted/emailed/BBM'd me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I am pleased to report that the crazy episode has now passed and I am FIIIINE.

Yesterday I ate:

B -40 porridge with skimmed milk and an apple
L - 20 cashews, another apple, vegetable soup and a ww peanut bar
Snacks - a banana, more cashews and 3 litres of water
D - salmon and grilled veggies with a tsp of philly mixed in

19 points. DONE. Didn't have to force myself, it was a normal day. PHEW!

I worked out with Chris at 6pm....first time in all of 11 months of seeing him that I haven't enjoyed it. Wasn't at all in the right frame of mind to have my butt kicked. I was just so tired. Memo to me: don't do 2 classes and run the NIGHT BEFORE A PT SESSION. Duh! What a giant doofus I am ! He said, quite rightly, that I KNOW how hard I have to work on a Friday night so there's no use being knackered - especially since I am paying for the privilege! So this Thursday I'm just going to either do yoga or swim, that's it. No weights. No running. And then I will be much more up for it on Friday night. Excellent plan.

I bet your wondering how weekly weigh in went? Well, suffice it to say that I am pleased. Again. ANother 2lbs off! WOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!

That takes me to a grand total of 39lbs lost (17.69kg, 2 stone 11lbs)!! This morning I weighed in at 10 st 0.5lbs (63.7kg, 140.5lbs)


I never ever thought I'd be there so soon after getting to 'old' goal. Weird. Still not entirely sure where to set 'new' goal. I think 140lbs is fine, or just under. I'm not sure I could (or should) attempt any less. 9 stone 6 is my 'minimum' at 5,8 tall - but this doesn't take into account my body composition or anything so I figure I might as well set goal at 140lbs and then use my monthly weigh ins with Chris to monitor changes.

But that all depends on this week really. I'm only in work 3 days (THANK GOD! - after last week I thought I would go insane!!!! 4 nights out of 5 working till 8pm is NOT GOOD!) so I'll be able to really plan and cook and track and exercise at different times of the day rather than cramming it all in to one evening.

NSV's this week have included

- getting a mention on the Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcast!! Ep 8 available now! It's REALLY FUNNY hearing something I wrote read out in lovely dietgirl's dulcet tones! If you haven't heard it yet then you can find the links and all the info here Wise words from 2 fabulous gals!

- being able to do a set of lateral arm raises whilst kneeling unsupported on the Swiss ball!!! How good is that!!!! Flipping well KILLS your thighs but such a challenge for core stability.

- I've focused on speed work this week with running rather than long runs (mainly because I've been so pushed for time) so I am pleased to report that my 5k time is now 25 mins on average, it was 31-35 mins so that feels pretty damn splendid to know. As does the realisation that I can just simply run for 3o minutes+ these days and not want to die. It's weird yet fascinating and holds more appeal and significance than a figure on the scale!

- I got totally chatted up in a bar on Saturday night! I know I am a married woman - and very happily so - but it was a teeny tiny bit thrilling to realise that I was being hit on! HAhahaha! Is that totally shallow?! I can't decide. Nor can I decide whether to be offended or not that now I have lost weight men seem to notice me more - men that I know too! - than when I was bigger. Shocking really. My personality hasn't changed! I'm still me. Or am I? This is something I need to have a think about and update later, right now I'm too happy for a big deep and meaningful thought process!!

It's Saturday afternoon, beautiful blue sky, still cold but feeling very Spring-like - I'm all alone in my beautiful flat, Rich is watching Liverpool vs. Everton or some such other earth shatteringly important football thingy, so I've got a few hours to I haven't done that in so long! I'm not going to exercise one iota today - I promised I would take a rest day, and I need to. So lovely friends, I'm gonna dash, have a lovely weekend dudes and see ya in the week!

Much love

L xoxo


wildfluffysheep said...

woohoo this post is full of positives.
i loves it

2lbs must be catching this week *high

Weighting Around said...

Sounds as though you are doing really great. My only suggestion is to add more fruits & vegetables to your diet - especially zero point vegetables. Otherwise, keep it up! You're doing great!

Feed Me I'm Cranky said...

hahah you are hilarious. and gorgeous. and uh pretty damn inspiring! now how's that for a Saturday morning comment?! ;)


skinny me! said...

Hey Liz!

Thanks for your post...I totally agree. It looks like WW is definitely using a pretty simple system...frustrating! Anyway...I'm gonna continue to work it!

Way to go on doing so awesome lately!! You are ROCKING IT!
And fam is throwing around the idea of visiting SCOUSELAND at x-mas!! Wouldn't that be cool!! We would TOTALLY have to meet up :) Fingers crossed!

skinny latte said...

Feeling positive, happy and confident about yourself is ALWAYS attractive. So I'm not surprised people are noticing ;)

Sounds like you're going really well :D xx