Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Back in the saddle again....

Yo dudes. It’s me! BigFatPie, back with a vengeance and a much needed kick up the backside!


Ohhh how I do resent being ill. According to the evil that is Rachel’s ww scales on Saturday morning I have ALLEGEDLY gained back 5.5lbs…IN TWO BLOODY WEEKS!

Which means I am back in the dreaded 170’s…..why do I torture myself with these statistics?

I am sooooooo trying to have a PMA and accept the fact that I was ill and couldn’t stand up let alone exercise. In fact the only journey I have been making for the past two weeks is to the fridge and back. Anyway. I’m not going to obsess over what I ate these past 2 weeks, important thing now is to get back in the saddle and take pleasure in the fact that I am better and can once again enjoy exercising. Because I DO enjoy it! And I was starting to see results.

So, NO MORE MOANING! Lots of planning and sticking to said plan will be the order of today and days to come…..

In other news….it’s looking pretty likely that Rich and I will soon be moving! Long story short my brother is moving back home with our parents (Good LUCK mum and dad!) so he is vacating his apartment which we will be taking over thus leaving ours empty so that we can decorate it and sell it as quickly as possible, thus enabling us to become first time buyers again which in the current economic debacle er...I mean climate, is no bad thing! So I am excited to plan and move and paint and decorate. My brother’s flat is beautiful and hilariously near to ours so we will be carrying a lot of stuff over the road! I’ll keep you posted!

I’ve been dying to move for ages, but now that we have the opportunity I am beginning to feel all nostalgic and sentimental for the current flat we own! I am such a doofus! We bought it just before we got married and I lived in it till after our honeymoon. Almost 5 years later and we’re moving on…kinda sad, but it’s a fab opportunity for us so we’re seizing it!

Yesterday I was a little hungover – memo to me: I am NOT allowed to spend the evening at my parents’ house for a while – they are SUCH a bad influence! And though I was craving carbs and crap like bacon butties, fried egg on toast, crisps, sausages, cheese, bread and pizza, I stood strong and made a smoothie with strawberries, banana and a ww yogurt - it was yummy and made me feel loads better than if I’d eaten all kinds of crap AND there was loads so I saved half to have with me for breakfast in the office this morning in between reading through the 300 emails I received while I was off sick! This is a definite NSV.

So we’re back to planning-tracking-exercising and rather than being something of a chore it feels really good to be in control again.

Here’s to a loss this week……

Lots of love

BFP xoxo

PS I have missed you all LOADS!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

whew, glad I'm not the only one who gained. I mean, not that I wished it on you - I swear i didn't. But ok, you, me & the gym. We gotta hit it, no excuses. And if we dont, then we can't complain about being fat.

YAY for moving! I'm jealous!

P.O.M. said...

Good luck wtih the move. It's such a pain in the arse, but so worth it once it's all done. A condo is usually a bit larger than a flat and there are a bunch put together like a little neighborhood. You OWN the condo, but you don't have to deal with the upkeep of the outside. There is a pool and grounds that an "association" manages. Of course I have to pay the association $300 a month!!