Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mad Hatter's Ball!

Me in my hat for the Mad Hatter's Ball!

Hello children!

You USA bloggers have just given me a heart attack with all your blogging about Mother’s Day! I thought I’d missed it! But then I remembered we have already had it here this year and you’re all in the States! PHEW!

I must have been delirious with tiredness from THE party of the year!! Yes friends, this past Saturday was The Mad Hatter’s Ball, otherwise known as my dear husband’s 30th Birthday Party!

It went REALLY WELL! Everyone had a great time it seems and the pictures on facebook are HILARIOUS! And best of all, I actually LIKE myself on them!

Things I was worried about:

- Looking like a monstrous giant next to Rich (we are the exact same height which meant no Jimmy Choos on our wedding day :( ) I always worry that I will look like the side of a house standing next to him. From looking at the pictures, I don’t think I did.

- Getting absolutely trollied and ruining the night for myself. I had 4 cocktails with sparkling water in between each one : 2 Cosmopolitans, a Mojito and a peach Bellini. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm. Bearing in mind we got there at 7pm to set up, and the party didn’t end till gone 2am I think I did marvellously! Plus I wanted to be able to spend Sunday with my family rather than lying on the sofa wanting to die from a hangover. My sister in law did buy me an apple pie shot but I sipped it and then gave it to someone else, I’m not really a shots kinda gal! Oh, I think I had a glass of wine too towards the end of the night but only had a bit of it.

- Dress being too tight. Yes, at weigh in on Saturday the scales said I had GAINED 2lbs! This, despite an ABSOLUTELY 100% clean eating week, nothing processed went near me! AND I exercised my ASS OFF! So this just further illustrates the freakin’ ANNOYING time I am having with weight loss! You know me by now, if I’d spent all week troffing all kindsa crap you would know about it! But I didn’t! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! The only think I can think is I lost 7lbs in 2 weeks and maybe my body is just re-adjusting. I can’t for the life of me think what else it would be! So when it got to 6pm and time to get ready I was pleasantly surprised to find the bloody thing was too big! I had to pin it to my bra! And it was a bit big on the hips too, but at that time on the day of the party I couldn’t do a damn thing about it! How annoying!
- Having hat hair – which has absolutely bugger all to do with diet and weight loss but nonetheless was a completely legitimate concern! I got around this by drying my fringe under the hand dryer in the toilets after a crazy session on the dancefloor! Gross but necessary!

- False eyelash trauma. It was all ok in the end!

So yes, the party was a complete success. Will try and post some pics so you can judge for yourself! I had a blast!

Hmmm, what else has been happening?

Had a few PT session lately. I am absolutely LOVING it – seriously, WHY did I not do this sooner!? The vibe is really good and I feel like he ‘gets’ me – we’re at the stage in our trainer/trainee relationship where he feels able to threaten me with a big stick if I lock my knees one more time! I’m taking that as a sign of a good rapport. I also love the way he doesn’t let me get away with any nonsense. The other day I was doing 2 sets of 20 ab curls on the (in)stability ball and he said ‘Ok last 10’ and I replied ‘GOOD!’ so he made me do ANOTEHR set! It’s good for me. I am FAR too used to getting my own way! :)

Best of all I am now using 4kg weights instead of 2’s! I keep checking with him that I’m gonna get skinny Jennifer Aniston arms and Jessica Simpson legs rather than bulking up like a bodybuilder! He assures me it’s all going to be ok.

Eating-wise I am definitely getting into this clean eating thing more and more. Here's the principles:

Eat primarily non processed foods. If it comes out of a box, don't eat it. If it comes from the earth, eat it
Eat six times a day. This is to keep your metabolism fired up and it keeps you from getting too hungry
No alcohol or sodas. Drink lots of water and/or herbal unsweetened tea
Never miss a meal
Combine lean protein and complex carbs at every meal
Avoid all saturated and trans fats
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

I can’t say I do ALL of these yet but I’m working toward it. There is NO FOOD OR DRINK THAT TASTES AS GOOD AS EATING THIS WAY MAKES ME FEEL. Does that make sense?

And finally – a lovely thought to leave you with today. I am considering a colonic!!!! I am absolutely fascinated by this – anyone ever had it done? HAHA sooooooooooooooo gross but completely intriguing!

Have a splendid day my lovely blog chums!

Xoxo BFP
Sorry this is a bit crap quality, had to post it from my BlackBerry because I am in the office where facebook is VERBOTEN!


Sal said...

I'm sooooo gutted I missed Wall's party :-) Have had a big fat lip about it all weekend. Bloody kidneys!!!!!

Glam said...

I could never get a colonic. i feel my colon does a great job all on its own. plus, i hear that our bodies really were designed to flush all that shite (literally!) naturally if we just eat clean... who know. just another group of people that want your money.

i think you look fab in your blurry pic! ;)