Monday, 29 June 2009

May Day/M'aider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends, I need a good kick up the arse. Help me! I have been doing soooooo good on this healthy eating/diet and weight loss malarkey lately. I feel like I’d really got into my stride and was starting to see noticeable changes. And then the weekend happened. Argh! Why can’t I stick to it on weekends?! SO ANNOYING!

It all began on Friday – I went shopping with my mum and we had lunch at CafĂ© Rouge. I had a salad. A salad that was 16.5 points when I looked it up in the Guide later on! And it didn’t stop there. At 3pm we stopped for coffee. I had carrot cake. 10 bloody points!

Stayed the same at weigh in on Saturday morning, which I am annoyed about after all the hard work last week. Saturday night our friend John came over and the 3 of us had Glastonbury-at-home and watched The Boss! Amazing! The wine was flowing and although we had a healthy dinner, the crisps and dips came out later on. Then Sunday was my niece’s 6th Birthday Party – I managed not to eat any party food but did have a bacon sandwich for breakfast and we went out for dinner and I gave in to the veggie burger temptation. With chips. And bloody onion rings. I didn’t track any of it. And I haven’t been the gym. At all. All weekend. I have spectacularly fallen off the wagon and I need help. It’s like I’ve achieved a small goal – lightest weight since 2006, people starting to notice, 5% body fat gone – and I’ve relaxed. In my head I’m like ‘I’ve done it’ when in reality I know there’s a loooooooonnnnnnnnnng way to go. Why am I like this? It’s so damn difficult! I’m so annoyed at myself.

It's now Monday and I feel fat, heavy, bloated, full of bad food and like I've regressed entirely in my attitude towards this health caper.

Any advice dudes? I’m in a right old pickle!

love, me xoxo


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

You gotta let it go. That's my only advice! I have been in your shoes many times during my weight loss journey. It seems like it was always one step forward, two steps back. But, you have to keep trying. If you totally give up and think you can't do this, then you will gain weight. If you start fresh today, act like it's your first day and just eat on program (don't try to undereat to make up for the weekend), it will help you get back on track. Don't beat yourself up! It's o.k. You'll get back on track and that weight will come off! You can do it!!!!

skinny me! said...

I wish I lived closer! I am in the same position. I did really bad this week, but you know what....we either stop doing this and move on...or continue down this stupid spiral. Just get organized tonight, tell the hubby to help make some things and bring a yummy healthy packed soon as you do really well for one day, you'll be back on track! Good luck!

starfish264 said...

Dude - I feel your pain - weekends are often the killer for me. On the upside, whilst you may feel rubbish now - think how good your going to feel after a day of sensible, healthy food - I can guarantee that after about 24 hours back on plan, you'll feel like you've been through detox. The feelings will fade and it'll be a relief to be tracking again.

Just start afresh - I agree with Marisa - don't cut points, just hop back on where you left off and chalk it up to experience. A pain in the arse experience, but one we can all learn from none-the-less.

Bare It All said...

The best thing you can do for yourself is to go back and track for Saturday and Sunday. It won't be fun, but then you can see how many APs you need to get you through the week. Then eat your points today and try to drink a lot of water. Flush all that sodium out. I agree totally with the other gals--start fresh!

Emma said...

woah! what the hell was in the salad?

Jenn said...

I think you have to change your thoughts about eating. If you feel like you're "on a diet", then you're giving yourself permission to be off the diet on the weekend.
If you change your thoughts and think of this as a constant way of living - not something that is "on" or "off", then maybe your weekends won't be so far off plan.

Bri said...

I think you have a similar "all or nothing" attitude that I struggle with too! You just gotta put the past behind you, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and don't wait another week to start being OP again. Just do it NOW! Even if you screwed up the last 5 meals. You know?