Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Warning: quite a random post coming up....

Ok first things first: weight loss, schmeight loss WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE HEIDI AND SPENCER DOING ON ‘IACGMOOH’????!!!

Seriously the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Seriously. So many questions, so little time! The most pertinent of which seems to be WHEN DID HEIDI GO ALL ‘JESUS FREAKS’???? What’s with the constant prayer? Good grief.

Kudos to her though, you wouldn’t catch me eating a rat’s tail or scorpions! Not for all the tea in China.

The thing that baffles me most about it (apart from the Jesus thing) is how the dickens her agent managed to get her to agree to it. I mean, this is HEIDI – she of The Hills fame! When she was on that show it was clear she never ate a bloomin’ thing, and now she’s chowing down on all sorts of Jungle ‘delicacies’ like there’s no tomorrow! What a nutter! Perhaps it’s the agent who deserves the kudos in all this…certainly for having to put up with bloody Spencer. Oh my GAWD does he have the rightest surname in the whole wide world! HAHAHAHA. I would seriously like to chin him.


Anyhoop, that’s that out the way. Stay tuned for more rants about Speidi and also America’s Got Talent.

Now on to the business of the day…..

Yesterday I was a model citizen and perfect weigh watcher once again – halo please! I had a little run after work and did my entire weight programme but upped the reps a little as it was getting a bit easy. Actually that’s probably not true, but maybe my bod is getting used to it. I dunno. Will have to check that with Mr Motivator on Friday. Still loving my sessions a very lot – although I was practically crippled after last week – that man is a sadist – but in a good way :)

For dinner hier soir I made 4 points worth of wholewheat spaghetti and combined it with a courgette, some mushrooms and a red onion which I fried in One Cal plus 40g of garlic and herb philly (2 points) which served as the sauce. ‘Twas yummy – I don’t normally like creamy sauces on pasta but this I can cope with – dead easy, dead quick and just the right amount. I was starving yesterday so I managed to eat all my points, had no alcohol, but I did give in to 2 points’ worth of crisps BUT I WEIGHED THEM AND POINTED THEM which is in and of itself a MAHOOSIVE NSV!!

Have just woofed my lunch down – quite late today rather annoyingly. I do hate it when work gets in the way of eating hahaha! I had a salad (quelle surprise) of baby spinach, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, low fat cottage cheese with chives, coriander, chilli flakes and red onion. Plus a yoghurt and a ww red berry bar.

I haven’t been swimming on my lunch hour loads lately, just off and on because I have still got to get my toe nail sorted – it’s ruddy well KILLING! I’ve been referred for nail surgery – yikes! I’m hoping this will be less dramatic than it sounds. I do have quite a high pain threshold when it comes to my tootsies though, I figure this is due to a combination of watching too much sex and the city and therefore wearing high heels permanently AND all the pointe work at ballet as a kid, nothing like dancing through a few stress fractures and ingrown toenails to give you tolerance of foot pain. Lovely. Normally I’d just leave it but it’s getting in the way of running and (more importantly) wearing beautiful shoes!

I’ve been getting back into my peppermint tea lately too, I’d forgotten how good it was and randomly found some the other day, so thought I’d give it a whirl. Yummy. And no faffing around with milk either!

In other news the weather has gone to the dogs, so I am currently freezing my butt off in the office with the little fan heater on! Apparently we have had our summer here in Blighty. Marvellous. The only bonus I can see is that it’s ok to cook soup, casseroles and stews again. HA!

I am getting a bit sick of salad for my lunches. Those of you who are office bound, what do you eat for lunch at work???

Answers please.Sorry this is such a random post –I feel a bit bonkers today.

I’m off to do some more work. Break over.

Heaps of love
BFP xoxo


Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

Did you see the part where they asked Heidi to sing? OMG! It was soo horrible. Janice told her she sounded like a cat in water. Hilarious.

Sal said...

miso soup - lovely!!! Add spring onions ( I nearly wrote spring rolls then - don't add them), pepper, chilli, etc. MMMmmmm can even add straight to wok noodles for some carby additions.

I have no idea what you're talking about with Heidi and such.

skinny me! said...

lol...heidi and spencer are such nitwits. The whole Jesus thing...puhlease. I think they pull that for the camera.

skinny me! said...

oh...and *pulls out halo and passes it to W&W*...great job on the food again!!

WuTang said...

I usually eat soup... minestrone or italian wedding or chicken noodle... anything brothy really. They're surprisingly low in calories. A tad high in sodium but I drink so much water that it doesn't faze my body.

Annabel said...

aha! loved this post. You are quite the comedian! Would ya e-mail me your address so that I may send you a little something' for the pay it forward giveaway?! Have a great day!