Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Well lookee here!!!

Yesterday I went to my local health food shop - Holland and Barrett - in search of their falafel. It's quite the nicest I have found so far (apart from in Barcelona, but that's quite a long way to travel!) and you get 20 patties for about £2, each pattie is half a point so there's a lot of "BANG FOR YOUR BUCK" (haha!) And it tastes GORGEOUS. (I forgot to take a picture because I put them in the work fridge when I got back to the office and by the time I remembered, I was on my way home)
So, while I was there I had a little look round at their other food stuffs.....and what did I find?!

ALMOND BUTTER!!!!!!! Oooh get me with my nut butters!! I have LONG been wondering about this little beauty, Jenna over at Eat,Live,Run uses it, as does lovely Laura at On the I figured I'd give it a whirl! I am going to add it to porridge I think, given that it has currently turned into freaking November weather in the UK - didn't have it this morning because I want to work out the points first.

Organic Rye Sourdough nice does THAT sound! I don't eat a lot of bread because it doesn't agree with me generally speaking but I am really excited to try this!
And some Whole Earth organic pb! Again, I am wanting to work out points before trying but omg this spread on a Rich Tea biscuit is absolutely bloody DIVINE!
Found these little babies for 1.5 points - a massive bag RAMMED with crisps rather than the usual trick of calling them 'healthy' and then putting about 4 crisps in the bag! Made from soy beans don'tcha know! Didn't bloat me either (after I chowed down on them!) and I didn't get that 'I want moooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre' vibe I usually get after I've scoffed a pack of 'diet' crisps!
I also found (again not pictured) an 'AMY's' veggie lasagne and Cauldron veggie sausages! HOW COOL IS THAT! AMY'S!!! (again Jenna raves about Amy's)
So last night I made a ratatouille for zero points and had 2 of the veggie sausages chopped up into it, ended up being kind of like a sausage casserole and boy was it YUMSVILLE!
So that was my trip to H & B!
In other news, does anyone else have trouble fitting everything into their day? Yesterday I ended up eating dinner at 8:30pm/ 9 and promptly falling asleep on the couch still in my sweaty and frankly minging gym gear!
I was utter rubbish at the gym, I was tired, my knees ached, I was next to a girl on the treadmill who'd just finished a 5k and I completely psyched myself out of either a run or intervals! WHAT A WUSS!? In the end I ran for about 15 minutes, then cycled for maybe 7 minutes and then rowed 2000m and then did a pathetic attempt at sit ups. I did do my weights when I got home while Iw aited for dinner to cook, but I still made a crappy effort to exercise :(
What's wrong with me?!
I wondered if partly it was to do with the fact that I am new to the gym (again) and need to be shown how to work the machines and what not again to help focus me and get the most out of my workouts. To that end I've booked an induction for tomorrow - job's a good'un :)
I'm also booked onto fitness pilates for later on this evening so expect a full report tomorrow!! I can't wait to s-trrrrrrrr-etchhhh!
Laters, skaters xoxo


starfish264 said...

I'm thick - I'd never thought of H & B doing foods, as all the adverts ever show is all the supplements and pills they do lol. I might have a little mosey along at some point and have a peek at their range.

Sal said...

5 got that almond butter from H&B a while ago - to tell the truth it's not that tasty, it's also really oily! And hey bird - you went to the gym, you did something!! Good girl snaps for you!!

wildfluffysheep said...

Bring on the holland and barret! I think I may go get some falafel. Aint had in it forever and it would be such a nice change!

Kudos on the new gym effort and pilates. GOODLUCK with that

skinny latte said...

Oh darling, it's like looking into my own pantry - I have the same almond butter and peanut butter :D

My favourite way to eat nut butters is to dip dried dates into them. Very delicious.

H&B rocks, I have one down the end of my street and always seem to be in there having a sniff around....

Hope you're going well! xox

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