Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Office Eating and New Revelations

Usually I work all alone in my own office but this week, due to a shortage of managers I have been ‘subbed’ to manage a different team, so I am in a different building with 2 lovely office mates to natter with . It makes SUCH a difference having other people to work with in your office.

And how does all this relate to food Liz you giant doofus, I hear you asking. Well……allow me to explain…..

I have got myself into a nice little routine with my healthy eating of breakfast at 7am, snack at 10am, lunch at 12noon, snack at 3pm and then off to the gym. It works for me. It keeps me from feeling hungry and gives me enough energy to sustain a good workout at the end of a working day during which I am usually really mentally challenged!

My office pals with whom I am working this week marched into the office on Monday morning declaring that this week marks the start of their healthy eating week. ‘Brilliant!’ thought I, ‘THIS I can get on board with.’

Err....maybe not.

For breakfast at 9am they ate some pitta breads – plain. By 10am they were eating crisps, 2 bags. Each. At 11am the sweets came out, plus cereal bars, so called ‘healthy bars’ that are full of sugar and saturated fat and contain chocolate! All they did all morning was talk about how hungry they were and fantasise about going to the local takeaway café for a bacon butty!

They went for a power walk together at lunchtime, and came back with ice creams! And then made me calculate the points in yet more bags of crisps for their afternoon snack!

Now, don’t get me wrong, everything they were eating was low calorie stuff, but all processed, none of it filling foods and for lunch they each had a can of watery, utterly minging weight watchers carrot and coriander soup which doesn’t even go anywhere NEAR filling you up, with more pitta, and that was it! (Sorry if anyone from ww is reading this, but seriously – that soup is foul!)

So points/calories wise they were probably not far off the mark but eating so much un filling stuff and complaining about feeling hungry while I was pleasantly full really made me reflect on just how much my relationship with food and eating has changed! I used to do that ‘grab anything that’s low in points and usually processed and get it down yer gob as quick as humanly possible..’ thing and now I have totally changed that. It’s really nice to recognise it! So I guess what I’m saying is now matter how my weight loss is going, I know that I have made a really good lifestyle change with my eating and attitude to food that will last me for the rest of my life.

Now that’s a reason to smile!

As for the girls, well, I don’t want to force my way of doing things on them! But they are starting to ask me things so hopefully I can impart some of the wisdom (a lot of which I’ve learnt from your blogs by the way!) to them to assist them in their quest to stave off the office worker mentality of eating because you’re sooooooo unspeakably bored! I’ll keep you posted !

Hope you’re all having a jolly good week dudes!


BigFatPie xoxo


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...


excuse me for laughing really loud.

Hilarious that their powerwalk ended with ice cream. Talk about sabatoging their burnage of extra calories! So glad you can recognize bad habits :)

starfish264 said...

I'm nodding and smiling as I sit here smugly eating my jacket potato and prawns (no spread, butter or mayo as it doesn't need it)! My office is exactly the same - in fact I think every office is! Glad that you're not letting it put you off though - impart those words of wisdom!! :o)

Sal said...

Isn't it funny what some people consider 'healthy'. Loving the ice cream 'power walk' trade off. And 2 bags of crisps each?

Mary :: A Merry Life said...


I always love it when the moment clicks with people that low calorie doesn't mean good. Most people consider low calorie "healthy" but a lot of it is crap. Especially the overly processed stuff designed to be low calorie. It has so much fake sugar and sodium in it that its ridiculous. Its way better just to stick with natural and filling foods. You are so smart!!

And I too am giggling at these coworkers and their power walk for ice cream. That's hilarious.

Mrs. Myers said...

Yes, I know so many people who eat like this. I've never understood it. If you just eat well, you don't have to diet!!!! Sigh...

Sarah Howard said...

I've quit eating with my coworkers and eat at my desk now because of the constant chinese, pizza, soda, etc. And then the post-lunch convo always turns to: "why can't we lose weight?" I go to the gym now instead of eating with them! It's depressing to watch!

Glam said...

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!!!!!

What'd I miss?? :)

Lisa said...

lol!! oh my!

hey, is this a new look for your blog? i like it!

Rapunzel said...

My officemates are constant eating machines! I hear them constantly munching behind and alongside me - chips, nuts, granola bars, etc etc. Constant grazing and yet they are thinner than me! How the heck is that possible?