Friday, 19 June 2009

Stressful Salad

So, this morning I didn't feel like a salad again - I feel a little bit like I do nothing but eat salad and consequently am craving all sorts of bizarre things like:

-Digestive biscuits smothered in peanut butter
- Fish and chips from the chippy
- Domino's Pizza
- Giant Cadbury's chocolate buttons
- Sea salt and Balsamic Vinegar Kettle chips. A big bag. All to myself.

In order, therefore, to stop me eating myself into oblivion I decided to pack a different lunch today. It had to be light and minimal on points because we are going out for dinner to The Millars' - dear friends of ours from Vancouver BC who now live here and were our Young Life leaders many moons ago. Anyhoop, Trish is a ww-er too so she kindly sent me the menu for this evening so I could work out pointage. So I know I'll be having salmon, new potatoes and green beans with no more than half a bottle of wine. So I counted those points and worked out I had 6.5 left for the day. Soooooooooooo, for lunch I packed

4 Ryvitas (2)
2 Laughing Cow Lights (1)
1 WW raspberry yoghurt (.5)
1 WW Lemon meringue and white chocolate bar (omg seriously to die for - SERIOUSLY!) (1.5)
A bag of sugar snap peas

I had 1 weetabix for breakfast with literally a dribble of milk on (eeeeeee I HATE the word 'dribble' can't believe I just wrote it - twice! hahaha) so I counted 2 points for that - so that makes 7 which is a whole half point over my limit YIKES - however I have so far stuck to my points all week (well since Sunday after my largin' it in London) AND gymmed it each day so I figure I can spare half a point - surely I will have gained a few activity points ??

So I packed my lunch and placed it on the window sill in our bedroom while I got ready for work. I had also lovingly prepared a mahoosive salad for the beautiful man that is my husband, including red and green peppers, sugar snap peas, spinach, mushrooms, red onion, cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes and coriander, plus a tbsp of low fat coleslaw. Well, the man in question was on a Friday vibe and so happy that it was the weekend he was running around like a total loon getting ready and singing the 'Bonkers' song VERY loudly (and out of tune....I love him, but he is completely tone deaf ) So, as he was leaving I yelled, 'Don't forget your lunch' and he yelled back, 'Got it!' and off he went.......

So, time's ticking on, I need to be leaving quite soon, I am feeling quite trendy and smug wearing an Urban Outfitters utility dress that hasn't fit in about 2 years (woo HOO!), ready for 3 visits to young people I have to make today (I like to look cool and not 'suity' when I meet with young people - they see enough suity people in their lives!) and feeling all excited about having a lunch that's not a salad (oh dear God I CANNOT believe I am excited at the prospect of eating frickin' RYVITA - what's WRONG with me!??!). I finish ghd-ing the old barnet, grab my coat (yet again it's November weather, summer? what's that?!) and go to grab my lunch.

On the window sill.

Where I left it.

It's not there.....



So he has a 'girlie' lunch of Ryvita and laughing cow (something he mercilessly teases his female colleagues in the staff room at work about rather than encouraging them in their weight loss ventures...the git!) and will no doubt be highly ridiculed by his colleagues all day and I have to eat another bloody salad. GAWD!

And annoyingly I didn't weigh the colesaw so I'm counting it as 3 and all the other veggies are zero points filling foods (gold star me please!) so I can stay on plan for the day.


I have just finished eating (another bloody) salad and, actually, it was rather nice - and very filling. As I finish typing this I am laughing my head off, thinking of poor Rich trying to spread Laughing Cow on his Ryvita hahahahahahaHAHAHAHA!!! Serves him right!!!

And with that little insight into my life, it is here that I shall leave you bloggerlogger pals! Have a wonderful weekend - will let you know the weigh in result on Saturday *gulp*

Happy Friday dudes!!!!

BFP xoxo


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your lunch but funny.
Thanks for telling me what a stone is....I asked some people over the week end and got different answers. I knew I could look it up but it was faster just to ask on prior fat girls blog.
Enjoy your week end
Prior Fat Girls Mom

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

OH! So funny! But Not! It'll teach him though, when he opens up and see's laughing cow cheese! How cute of him to be runnin' around singing! LOVE IT, he is so in love lady!

starfish264 said...

Oh no - I don't know which one would have been more upset with their lunch! It'll serve him right if the ladies rip the piss right back at him though! lol

Glad your salad went down ok in the end. And just think - all those salads contributed to getting back in the Urban Outfitters dress - so they are doing some good.

Wish I like salad - sadly, they're not on my menu plan - most raw veggies equal YACK!!!!