Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ups & Downs

So, I didn't make it to the super-duper gym....boooooooooo! BAD LIZZIE!!!!!!!!! However, I DID do both day's worth of resistance and core to make up for skiving off.

My reason for not gymming it (especially after I made such a song and dance about it in yesterday's post !) was that I got sucked into cyberspace! Because I work for the local government, I oftentimes cannot get on all the fun websites you lot chat on about, so yesterday I was a full on google geek and whilst I waited for dinner to cook (salmon fishcakes, green beans and low fat coleslaw - 7.5 points, I thank you)

And what fun I had!

I am now not only a fully fledged expert on H.I.I.T thanks to MizFit, but I also know where to buy Larabars, Pb2, Ezekiel bread, popchips, Vita Top muffins AND Raw Almond Butter here in the UK! Oh YES! Apparently we're not AS behind as I had feared!!!! None of it's on general sale, it's all extortionate internet prices so I don't think I'll be making any great purchases any time soon (so feel free to send me a care package !!) but nevertheless it was very interesting researching!

I also know all about my basal metabolic rate and also found this website which I THINK is like the calorie king or spark people I know people use. I got a free trial for 24 hours and put a day's eats into it to get some idea of my calorie intake - I know I follow points but I have no clue about calories AT ALL! I guess maybe it's just coz it was a bit different BUT I found the whole layout of the website completely easy to follow and use - unlike the online points tracker which is far too complicated for it's own good! AND the other cool thing was that the search tool was really comprehensive, so I searched 'weight watchers red berry bar' and it found the calorie content in that and also 'salmon JD Wetherspoons' because tonight, my friends, is date night and we're off to our local pub for dinner and a drink of I mean two.....because it's a chain pub it's not very clued in on the whole healthy eating vibe so I usually do SetPoints technique and have a piece of grilled salmon, salad and baked potato, with the dressing on the side, natch ;) I thought the search tool was FAB because I found that whole meal's calorie content just like that *snaps fingers* - how COOL! It turned out when I put in today's eats that I am 200 cals over what I should be eating to lose (which was what I had calculated on points, that I would eb over) but then I put in my run that I am just on my way to and if I do a 30 minute run I more than make up those calories so stay within my allotted amount for today! This is COOl - and I KNOW KNOW KNOW it's entirely the same principle that WW points is based on but it's just reassuring to know that's ww is accurate (not that I doubted it but you know sometimes when you're just not sure!!)

Downside is it costs a tenner a month so I'm jibbing it off for now! But vamos a ver en el futuro....

So friends, I'll just keep plodding on I think! Nearly at the gym now so I'll sign off. Weigh in is tomorrow because Rich & I are Londoning it on Saturday to catch up with old uni buddies and SEE THE INIMITABLE MISS BRITNEY JEAN SPEARS, INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR!

I am sooooooooo excited I may puke!!!!

I'll post via B-Berry over the weekend and I promise to try and behave myself - TRACK THE WEEKEND remember???!!!!!! ;)

Big loves

BFP xoxo


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Have so much fun in London! Take a ton of pictures ok?

Miss you!

skinny me! said...

have a FAB time with Britney...I hear the concert is great. As for Coronation Street, its the closest we can get to Liverpool...well except for, but thats not on anymore is it?

Take lots of pics!