Friday, 12 June 2009

My trainer may be trying to kill me and other stories

3lbs off people, 3 lbs! A woo hooo! FINALLY underneath that stone zone and 166lbs. Right that's it, no more messin'. I have been here before and been so ecstatic and then rewarded myself with an all-weekend-eat-a-thon which has resulted in a gain the following weekend.

So this weekend and coming week will be the true test. I am determined. I'm determined not to go bonkers in London and to get right back to gymming it 5/6 days out of 7. IN fact I will set myself the challenge of going to the gym Monday - Friday next week. Hold me to it, ok?! I've faffed around gaining and losing the same 14lbs for a year now. NO MORE.

Today I am off work (Friday!), so I had a training session this morning - oh dear LORD I really do think he's trying to kill me - death by circuit training!

I did:

10 mins run @ 11kph

10 squats with a heavy netball type thing

10 squats raising ball with left hand

10 squats raising ball with right hand

20 ab curls on (in)stability ball

10 of these weird leg lifts whilst in full plank on the (in)stability ball

15 full press ups

10 bell ringers left

10 bell ringers right

15 upright row

1 minute running on the evil trampoline thing

10 step ups with 5kg weights left and then right

20 tricep dips on bench

20 lateral arm raises

60 seconds fast jabs on punch bag

dead weight lifts (10)

10 of this weird thing with a pole where you use the weight of the pole like a shot put type of action

60 seconds fast rowing

15 bicep curls

I did this whole thing 3 freakin' times! And each time he kept upping the reps and each time I complained upping them again! (Memo to me: Keep gob shut in future sessions!) My face has never been so red, I feared an aneurism was imminent..... ;)

I am seriously cream crackered now, but did manage to ride my bike over to Rachel's to get weighed because I can't go tomorrow (Did I mention I'm going to see Britney?! :)

Then I had coffee with my mum and then made lunch: I used 2 pieces of wholewheat ww bread (pretty disgusting but all we had) and made an 'open sandwich' - check me out learning from all you bloggers! On the bread I put tuna mixed with Hellman's Extra Light mayo and chilli flakes and coriander. On top of the tuna I sliced a pickled onion, added a dollop of red cabbage to the plate, 1.5 points of plain cottage cheese, yellow pepper, spinach, cherry tomatoes and no points salad dressing. I AM STUFFED! But look how pretty!!!! And all for 5 points!

Now I am having a nice cuppa while I catch up on blogs (loving your work people, loving your work) and gchat with amazing Anna.

God I love being a lady of leisure! The only thing I have left to do today is decide on an outfit for the concert tomorrow.....oh decisions, decisions!

Heaps of love - have a fab weekend!!

BFP xoxo


♥ Dee ♥ said...

That is a HELLUVA workout!!

"Cream crackered"

*SNORT* I'm totally stealing that!!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I second Dee, that is one helluva workout!

P.S. healthy is a full time, 7 day a week, 24 hours a day job. You are living a healthy life, not a healthy Monday through Friday. Have fun in London, a healthy fun!

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Rachel said...

Your workout looks amaaaaaazing! Your trainer and mine must've gone to the same torture academy or something. I've got an appointment tonight and I'm a little scared for what he has in store.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

congrats on your loss -whoooo hoooo!

I feel ya on the eat-athon. I'm totally into self-sabotage. Need therapy ;P

Your trainer may very well be trying to kill you ; that is some brutal workout! Think you'll be able to move tomorrow???

Susan said...

Congrats on your loss ! Your workout sounds amazing ! You must feel so accomplished that you got through it not once but THREE TIMES !!!! Your like a super hero or something !!!!!!! Have a blast in London ! I am so jealous !

starfish264 said...

I do actually think your trainer might just be trying to kill you .... but on the upside it's in the mission statement of every trainer I've ever known if you look in the fine print - my record stands at one trainer managing to make me throw up after 45 mins! Gross.

I stopped going to mine as I decided I wanted to actually like exercise not feel like someone had put me through the rack for 3 days of every week - now I just go to Body Pump for self-inflicted torture instead :O)

Have fun at Britney (which will in fact be over by the time I type this!) - v. jealous as her stage shows are meant to be awesome!! :O)
Can't beat a bit of cheesey pop! And she is the queen of it. x

Jenn said...

Wow, that is some crazy workout! But what a great loss this week - congrats!!!