Monday, 20 July 2009

Confessions of an Eat-A-Holic.....

Well hello comrades. Monday again. Where DOES the time go? Seriously. So, weekend update:

Friday night I battled with myself all the journey home about going to the gym or not, and I am pleased to say that good Lizzie won out. I did a MEGA workout (ran 6k, cycled, rowed, full core and then full weights) and then hobbled home where I lay on the couch for the rest of the evening watching TV delights such as Big Brother (Ohmygoodness…..what IS going on with the world?) and good ol’ Wossy. I made what I like to call random dinner. There is literally NO FOOD in my house on account of having been away last weekend and so busy this week that I haven’t had time to shop! I baked a sweet potato and ate it with cottage cheese and corn on the cob and a piece of salmon that I steamed in chillies and coriander. I also had a glass of champagne because no meal is complete without alcohol. Even breakfast. I am KIDDING.

Saturday morning I woke after a good sleep thinking it must be about 7am, glanced at the clock, NINE FIFTY AM!!!!!!!!!!! YIIKES!!!! Our Saturday am ww meeting starts at 10 and I am usually there by 9:30am. OOPS! Sure enough I had missed calls and BBM’s from Rachel wondering where I was! I literally threw on some clothes and hightailed it up to the meeting (I clerk at it you see so there was no one to take payments if I wasn’t there!!). I weighed in and - miracle of miracles – have stayed the same this week, which is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing when you consider the heavy weekend of eating and drinking we had @ Wakestock plus my usual doofus trick of not being able to get back into it AT ALL when I got back, and not even starting to exercise until Thursday last week. So all in all I’m pretty pleased. No, not pleased…relieved. Yes, that’s what I mean. Got my act together today though, planning tracking and exercising is my mission for the week. I have no social commitments, no fun planned to take me off track so it should be ok. Here's hoping it doesn't all come back to bite me on the ass (literally!) at next week's weigh in!!

So now I know I stayed the same, it’s confession time……… *shame*

Drum roll please…….on Monday afternoon ast week, as we were driving back from Abersoch……we stopped at Maccies…….AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It gets worse. I had, not one, but TWO freakin’ cheeseburgers. TWO! Plus large fries. Plus an oreo McFlurry. GOOD GRIEF ELIZABETH WTF ARE YOU DOOOOOOOOOING!!??!!

(It was bloody gorgeous though!)

The gluttony did not stop there – no siree Bob……for dinner we had………wait for it………

A CHIPPY TEA!!!! Large chips, fish and mushy peas – we halved it, but STILL!!!!!
I may as well have just scoffed a tub of lard and been done with it!

Now that I am back to normal and have my healthy head screwed back on, I look at what I have just typed and cannot believe that I have written it!!! I cannot believe that I ate that!!!

(Oh yeah AND an entire packet of bloomin’ Jaffacakes in 2 afternoons)

What’s WRONG with me?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heinous eating habits.

So anyways, back to Saturday:

During the afternoon I met my friend Kate in Liverpool to do some SERIOUS shopping! Sadly it was for her, not for me. She hasn’t bought any new clothes for about 5 years. (I know – nutter!) and so wanted to go and get a whole new wardrobe. In a day. Her husband suggested she ask me to go along and act as her stylist!!!!! WAHOOP! Obviously I JUMPED at the chance. We had SUCH fun (and spent a ridiculous amount of money (credit crunch? What credit crunch?!) . Eating wise I was completely crap on Saturday because of sleeping in too late and rushing around like a mad thing so I had coffee an apple and a glass of wine the whole day. Stupid I know. Saturday night I was heading out to Liverpool with some wonderful girlies for dinner at Gusto and cocktails at Pan American. While I was getting ready I had to have a piece of toast with laughing Cow on it!! For dinner I had mussels in garlic and white wine sauce and then lemon sole with olive tapenade and tomato ratatouille. The sole was ok – too many bones for a fillet! But the mussels were TO DIE FOR and there were loads – I should have asked for that as a mains course. Ah well. And best of al, my face didn’t swell up! RESULT! We had 2 bottles of wine at dinner (there were 4 of us and we were yakking for 3.5 hours so that was pretty good going I thought) and lots of water and then headed to a bar for some cocktails. I had a classic Mojito and then a Manhattan…..over the course of another 2 hours chatting though so I was fine!

Sunday I was a bit rubbish again – toast for breakfast and then I got annoyed at myself and went and did some food shopping for the week ahead. I am trying not to go crazy as Rich is away for most of this month and with moving and everything being so higgledy piggledy I don’t want to shell out for a food bill and then have it go to waste!

Sunday afternoon we went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and instead of crap I had a subway! In the cinema! How funny! I had a 6” ham salad on wholewheat with lite mayo and all the salad, plus a latte so it totally felt like a treat as Rich was chowing down on a bucket of popcorn the size of a small child.

Then I got into tidying and cleaning and packing when I got in so skipped dinner altogether and then friends ‘popped in’ - for 3 hours, so out came the Magners and Organic crisps. Excellent healthy dinner there NOT…….

So. This week I AM ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week is all about getting a final report that I have to do submitted to my manager, and then I am OFF FOR A WEEK!!! It’s the week before Rich goes off to Canada for 3 weeks sans moi (Boooo!)and also the week that we’re moving (YAY)! Even though it’ll be hard work and not really a holiday I’m still really looking forward to it. I find it so difficult to focus on work AND moving at the same time.

Today’s eats:

B – 1x Weetabix with skim milk plus English Breakfast Tea (1 point for cereal and 2 for milk allowance for the day)

L – Salad: beetroot, radicchio, rocket, lettuce (bored of spinach) peppers, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, onion plus low fat coleslaw, coriander and chillies. (1point)

Snacks – Blue organic chips 50g (2points), 1x ww bar (1.5), grapes and ww yoghurt (1.5) and I also had a latte (2)

So that’s 11 in total thus far. I only get 20 a day and have no exercise points built up from the weekend so I have got to be bang on today with points. I will probably have steamed salmon again for dinner and veggies of some description.

I am going to drink ZERO alcohol this week in an effort to give my poor system a break and also cut out salt more – I am aware my long time love for all things crisps has returned with a vengeance and I need to STOP IT RIGHT NOW before I turn into a packet of crisps.

So there you have it me dears – the good, the bad and the ugly……..I’m off to drink another litre of water (that makes 3 for today!)

Catch you later

Liz xoxo


Bare It All said...

Oh holy cow. Jaffacakes are the best things ever. Good thing I have no clue where to find them in the US.

Anonymous said...

I also went to McD's on Saturday. I had the intention of "eating smarter" there which to me amount to NOT super sizing it and getting a bottle of water instead of a pop with my Big Mac and Fries.
This day was a special bonus day for me though. There was some kind of mix-up in the orders and my husband and I ended up getting not only our order but someone else's order as well. I ate the fries and let Hubby take the burger to work. Bonus French fries=WIN!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I am sad. Because as I was reading your post of what you ate, I felt a tad bit jealous. Jealous of your cheeseburgers, the mcflurry, the french fries.

Why am I jealous? Just as much as the food was not good for you, I should not be jealous either! Oh dear lord, this is a flippin never ending struggle!

Time to get back on track BFF!

FatFitnessFood said...

Firstly, I LOVE JaffaCakes and secondly I am on a no alcohol week this week too!

You my evil twin?

Jennifer said...

I just ran across you blog and am loving your posts. Fun to read. Good luck with all of your goals and I hoep you don't mind if I follow you

Rapunzel said...


I didn't have the best weekend as far as eating either but I still managed to lose, how the heck that happened is beyond me but I'll sure as heck take it!

Here's to a fresh week!

Mary said...

I love the description of your day!! The mega workout, couch time (ooh I need some of that!) AND being late to the WW meeting, I can so relate!

Watching and Weighting said...

Bare It All - Hello! if you ever need some j-cakes sending over you know who to ask ;)

pandadiaries - Hello! I am soooo sad we don't have 'supersize' over here now. Nice one with your 'bonus' order :)

Jen (BFF)!!! you betcha I am back ON IT no more maccies crapola for this chica!

FatFitnessFood - YES!!!! I ALWAYS think that when i read your blog, we are like in sync sister!!

Jennifer - helloooooo and welcome! Please follow away!!!!! Happy to have you here!

Rapunzel - cheers to a new week indeed!!

Mary - Helloooooooooo!!!!!!! thanks for commenting - couch time is ALWAYS a good thing :)