Monday, 6 July 2009

Weekend update!

Hey peeps!

So here we are again, another Monday! Quick weekend update.

I lost 3lbs again this week and have not been this weight since July 2007 so that is FABULOUS! I’m feeling really happy and energised and committed to seeing this through for LIFE!

I did not manage to track effectively this weekend. However, I did make healthy choices all weekend and really monitored how full I was feeling and my portion sizes (apart from a piece of Belgian chocolate cake at my parents’ last night) so I feel pretty good about the weekend, eating-wise. It's a step forward at least.....

Exercise-wise I feel A-freaking-MAZING! Wanna know why?

Because I did my first ever 5k run!!!!!! Yep indeedy friends! I ran the Race for Life in honour of Cancer Research UK in beautiful Birkenhead Park on Sunday morning. Rachel (Amazing WW guru and friend) and I ran together for it and crossed the finish line at 31.5minutes which we felt was a fabulous time!!!!! I think we’d have been quicker had we not had to weave in and out of all the other people on the course! But I’m so happy that I didn’t stop or walk once! All that treadmill running has taught me to regulate pace and control breathing and so I am one happy bunny today! WHAT a sense of achievement! Now I’m addicted – bring on the 10k in September!!

You know it’s funny, just as I feel like I’ve got into a routine with all this healthy pursuit malarkey, all of a sudden LIFE rears its ugly head! This weekend we are going away with another couple to Abersoch, North Wales for the Wakestock Festival 2009! We leave Thursday which means no gym from Thursday to Monday – YIKES! I’m getting fatter just thinking about it! So I am having to come up with some contingency plans as it also means I won’t be able to get weighed on Saturday either OR have my Friday session with PT! You know me, I’m a creature of habit and I like my routines so I feel all ‘kerbobbled’ in anticipation of that routine being broken.

So here are the contingency plans:

- Take running gear with me: Now I know I can do a 5k outside, what could be simpler than running around the gorgeous countryside?!
- Eat simply and in moderation this week so save a few points for not having as much control over the weekend in terms of food.
- Double up gym duty - maybe lunchtime swims again this week, to increase activity points and maximise chances of progress in the weight loss dept.
- Pay very close attention to alcohol. Julie – the friend I’m going with, is preggers so mercifully the alcohol issue won’t be as big a deal since I am not going to torment the poor girl by getting into the vino while she can’t! I’m going to make her strawberry bellinis that I made a few weeks ago for paella night (non alcoholic!)
- Food – we planned as much as we could at the weekend – Rich is on a health kick right now in preparation for his mountain climb in BC, Julie is up the duff but is a ww-er when not with child so she fully gets my eating vibes and Colin – the father to be can just bloomin well deal with it (he could stand to lose a few pounds haha!) We’re staying in caravans so we will be able to cook/grill so no relying on crappy festival food!

And there you have it dudes! Right – must dash, I’ve got things to do!

Let’s ALL have a great week!

Love Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Your very first ever 5K? Holy canoli, I am totally jumping up and down for you right now! What an amazing accomplishment & a HUGE reason to celebrate!

AND...on top of that a 3lb loss?! Whether you wrote it down last week or not, you are rockin' the healthiness! Good plan for this up coming weekend!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

It sounds like you will be just fine this weekend. I enjoyed this post! Girl, you are doing great..I feel like I can't "get going." The gym is no problem for me -- it is my eating habits. But, I am trying and that is better than nothing at all. =)

nic said...

That's a FANTASTIC time for your first 5k ever!!!

Amazing! What an accomplisment.

starfish264 said...

Bloody hell dude - it takes me about 40 mins or so to stagger round a 5k - do you have wings on your feet or something??? That's a bloody awesome achivement. Aaaand a 3lb loss?? Well deserved I say! Sounds like you've earned it (and that stealthy Belgian chocolate cake .... mmmmmy yum - I'm getting fatter just thinking about THAT!!).

Sounds like you're well prepared for the weekend - same tactic I'm taking for Scotland in a couple of weeks, plus I'm sure you'll be walking / dancing loads at the festival so good times ahead!!

Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write said...

Congratulations on running the 5K! I've walked one, but never ran. It's next on my agenda. We have a "race for the hungry" in November that I would like to do. I'd be proud like you! :)

Kathleen said...

Awesome! Both the weight loss and the 5K! Way to go!

Jenn said...

Woweee! That's great, congrats on the 5K and the loss!

Angel Jem said...

Have a good weekend in Abersoch.... hope the exercise & food goes well, but the music's better.
As for doing a 5k, I am so jealous. I couldn't run for a bus at the moment.... but you've worked for it, so good on ya!

Dori said...

CONGRATS on the 5K!!!! I signed up for one but then injured my knee so I couldn't do it. That is such a great accomplishment. I wish I could come to England and run on the countryside with you! I just ran for 32 minutes over the weekend (my longest time ever!) so I feel like I could do a 5K!

Feed Me I'm Cranky said...

Congrats on the 5k and 3 pound loss! AWESOME! Oh and even more of a congrats goes to your goal list and positive spirit. The scale is a moody biotch and goes up and down, but goals and positive energy see you through til the end of it all.

Your aura is beautiful ;)

Bambi said...

Wow, that all sounds amazing, I am on my way to eventually being able to run 5k, and congrats on the weight loss too, you rule. I'm so glad to find another blogger from the UK, the rest all seem to be from the states or Canada.