Thursday, 23 July 2009

This much I know to be true......

Rather than bang on and on incessantly (yet oh-so hilariously) about what a crappy week I have had eating/exercise-wise, I have chosen instead to cling to the truth...

Truth - When I don't exercise, I miss it. This proves that my attitude has changed. Rather than go and workout from feelings borne of obligation and fear and the pursuit of unattainable perfections, I now go simply because I love it, it makes me feel good, it relaxes me and I feel 'whole' - plus the added benefits of de-flabbing.

Truth - When I eat a mountain of processed crapola, I feel it in my body almost immediately. My mood shifts, I am tired, I am lethargic, my digestion no funciona, I feel flabbier. This proves an attitudinal change also, because I never ever used to pay attention to how food made me feel in the sense of being wholly in the moment present in my body. Now I know I chose to eat properly and healthily because it's good and nice to feel 'clean'. processed stuff makes me feel poop.

Truth - It's no longer a big deal to get through 3 litres of water a day. When I don't have any water, or enough water, I miss it, I am parched, and the only thing that will satisfy my craving is water. I never used to drink water, preferring juice or diet coke to quench my thirst. This proves a lifestyle change to me. My choices are different.

So, friends, although I am looking at a gain this week, I am clinging to my truths in the knowledge that is no quick fix lose another 20lbs phase. These choices I make are for life and whilst I may have strayed off the path on this journey momentarily (seriously, moving house is a total b*tch!) I will be back, I can be back and most importantly of all, I want to be back.

What about you guys? What are your truths you cling to in times like these?

BigFatLove xoxo

PS Kathleen!! THANK YOU for tagging me for a Blog award - OMG I am BUZZING!!! Only thing is, I don't know how to make those link thingies to carry it on!!! Someone email me HELLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!


Bare It All said...

I like your use of the word "flabby" in lots of different ways...."de-flabbing", "flabbier".... :)

You certainly have changed if those are the truth. Way to focus on the positive!

Rachel said...

Those are three awesome truths - I feel very much the same about all of them.

wildfluffysheep said...

These truths could be mine! Definitely life choices *nods* I have to remember that though. some times i am scales fixated!

skinny latte said...

Three fabulous truths, and mine are pretty much the same. I think it's wonderful to have arrived in a place where you just want to have the healthiest body possible and feel as healthy as you can. No quick fixes baby, this is it!

Happy weekend! x

Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

you hit the nail on the head here! i'm the same way about each of your points. i never thought i'd WANT to work out after missing a day or two. i'm SO happy that i can tell how different foods make me feel because i just never saw a correlation before. and water water water. who knew it would become my bff?

always love your posts :)