Thursday, 16 July 2009

ohhhhhh SERIOUSLY!!!?????

Oh friends! Do you ever feel just overwhelmed by it all? Sorry if this piggy backs onto Mizfit’s latest guest post on Jen and Annabel’s blogs (which I cannot see because I am at work and the bloomin’ firewall won’t let me!) but I was all set to ramble on about my fabulous weekend: bands I saw, food I ate, mud I was knee deep in etc etc but as I have caught up on all your lovely blogs and read around subjects and whatnot this week, I find my head spinning with a sort of INFORMATION OVERLOAD and many, many questions pinging around in my head! I’m a bit tired and cranky this week and too stressed about moving house and Rich going away for 3 weeks and work and a whole host of other bobbins and then to top that I have SUCKED at following the plan this week and have now not seen the inside of the gym for a blinkin’ week. I did run Friday, Saturday & Sunday though but have not lifted a single weight and as such now have fully formed Bingo Wings. I’m not kidding. I can feel my muscles deteriorating as I type! So then this panicky feeling sets in where I think ‘Holy crapola (Gawd, I LOVE saying that – thanks Jen!) I need to get in the gym and stay there until I am a size zero, and I’ll go and train every day and do 3 sets of cardio and full core and full weights and then I worry that I have overtrained but I was a dancer once upon a time and there is NO SUCH CONCEPT in the world of classical ballet! I figure that if I set myself the target of working out every day then I might go 5 times out of 7.So then I think about what I am eating, am I drinking enough water? Am I eating too much meat? Too much fish? Will I go insane with mercury poisoning? Do I need vitamin supplements? Do I need to get involved with those Green Monster thingies? Should I panic about carcenogenic chemicals? Do I get 5 portions of fresh fruit and veg a day? Do I drink too much alcohol? Do I eat too many carbs? Do I eat too much processed stuff? Is organic REALLY organic since there aren’t any laws controlling what we can call organic or not? And then the gym: how do I fit it all in? I want to do my weights as I really do love them! I am woman hear me rrrroooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr! Running has become a focus and a passion for me as I get stronger and quicker and able to run for longer and not to keel over and die, but then I feel I am losing my flexibility so I’d like to do a Pilates class and a Yoga class each week but this means I am spending from 5pm until 8pm in the gym and therefore not seeing my long suffering husband, not catching up with friends, not seeing the babies that have been born while I’ve been in the bloody gym, not seeing my amazing parents or sibs, or having the time to eat anything or relax or get my head round issues I am counselling people about.

And all of this combines to make me go ‘SOD IT’ and become lax in my routine and approach. I want to curl up in a ball and wake up when I am thin and healthy…hahaha how pathetic!

So this week had essentially been a write off. Still can’t get that balance! I am reminding myself of a petulant child stamping my feet and acting defiant. ER HELLO! Snap out of it!!!

So today I have been BANG ON PLAN and am just off to the gym now for a rigourous and sweaty workout.



Feed Me I'm Cranky said...

HAHAHAH you had me crackin' up like cracked wheat. You are hilarious. Oh dear me, it would take me a novel to address your post, my dear! All I can say is -- you can't worry about everything. Like really, you can't because even as overwhelmed as you are now with worries, there are a gazillion other things to worry about that you haven't thought of yet! hahah oh wait, i am supposed to make you feel better, right? Right! Ok, you just have to approach this whole health thing with moderation, consistency, variety and a sense of humor. We can all get knocked off this Earth for too much stress, too much chocolate, too much sex (yes, i've heard it has happened!), too much thinking (don't use that as an excuse to stop thinking, anyone!), etc. There are no guarantees in life (no guarantees that making it a full-time job to eat "right," exercise, practice deep breathing, save the planet, etc. will in the end prolong your life or make your life any better). So my suggestion? Eat well enough the majority of time with a variety of foods, exercise consistently and have some fun. I hope that's not too simplistic, but it's all i got! I mean we gotta either learn to chill from paralysis from brain overload, or take severe dosages of meds, ya know what i mean?
You're doing so well!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I had every intention of clicking on the comments section and leaving you a nice warm fuzzy message telling you we will all be okay and live in perfect harmony until I read the above comment from Annabel at Feed Me I'm Cranky.

Per Annabel, "We can all get knocked off this Earth for too much stress, too much chocolate, too much sex (yes, i've heard it has happened!)"

I give up. Give me the chocolate & sex and lemme get knocked off the earth.

Mom, I hope your not reading right now...

Rapunzel said...

All I can say, my dear, is Been There, Done That! I am sure you'll feel better after a workout, that always always helps me.

In the meantime, big hugs to you! xoxox

Amy @ LiveWell said...

Everybody goes through those feelings. Good luck with your goals; remember them and why you made them in the first place!

Glam said...

dear god, i'm a cranky bitch tonight, so i'm probably not much help. ha.

we all have our rough patches, as i seem to be having right this second, but the important thing is to cry/scream/talk/exercise our way out of it. remember how far you've come and why you set the goals you did. you'll come out of it. just a funk, my dear.

starfish264 said...

Now shush.

We all get these patches, where we just get overwhelmed by the enormity of everything we want to achieve in life, and somehow roll it all up into this little healthy living thing we're trying to do - the trick is to separate out everything into its little individual threads again, and just concentrate on the bit you're actually working on at the moment. The other thing is to remember that everything in life is averages - as long as the good stuff outweighs the bad stuff on average, the jobs a good'un.

So take a step back, breathe, and decide what one or two (no more) things you want to focus on this week. You don't NEED to be perfect, just a little better than you were before.