Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Food wot I eat innit

Hello lovely friends! How are we all doing this week then??
I'm doing ok I think - was REALLY crap at the gym on Monday night - but at elast I went, right? I only managed to run 2.68k before I had to walk, I couldn't breathe and my poor legs were screaming at me! I am not sure why this was, maybe because it was only the day after the 5k?! I'm not sure, but I also did some rowing and a full core/weights programme.
My eating's been on plan and all pointed (well, from Sunday onwards - ha!) although I did have a beer on Monday evening and a glass of wine last night - but bonkers though it may sound, it is a pretty significant NSV for me to have been able to stop at one. I'm not saying I was an uncontrollable alky or anything, don't get me wrong, what I mean is remember the 'balance' thing from the other day? Well, being able just to have little glass of vino or a beer and still stay on plan is a BLOODY BIG DEAL! In previous tmes I'd have just sacked it off and indulged! So, YAY!
I didn't do any exercise yesterday which was a bit crap but I had to go and pick up my ebay purchased Hunter wellies for Wakestock this weekend and then I made the heinous error of turning on the MJ memorial thing. I thought it was a load of old bollocks.....and then his daughter broke down and all of a sudden I remembered that 3 young people have lost their daddy and then I didn't mind so much (apart from the fact that I feel, privately, the poor little thing may have been coached to say what she said. I don't doubt the words were hers, nor the depth of feeling behind them - but for such a showbiz, choreographed to the nth degree hoopla affair, it was almost too perfect...Kenny Ortega and AEG must have full on peed their pants at the 'spontaneity' of what Paris Jackson said.....God love her.) Anyway, I figress, by then it was too late to gym it so I watched the movie 'Happy-Go-Lucky' with Rich which was just a wonderful film!
So today I am focusing on eating clean, drinking water and getting this BigFatPie to the gym for a hardcore this space!
This week at WW we have been challenged to ‘Eat a Rainbow’, that is to say get more involved with Filling Foods as these are first and foremost HEALTHY, secondly they fill you up (Hence the name – duh!) and they make your points go further!!! Filling Foods are super-colourful, versatile and YUMMY! So for today’s post I thought I’d show you some of what I’ve been eating lately to tantalise your tastebuds!

Baked sweet potato, couscous cooked in veggie stock with peppers, onions and courgettes, sweetcorn and red pepper cottage cheese - 7.5 points

Last night's dinner: quite random yet bloody gorgeous :) - 1 cod fishcake, low fat colelsaw, corn on the cob, 1 cheese slice and a baked sweet potato - 8.5 points

A lunchtime-in-the-office salad: spinach, beetroot, pickled onions, red cabbage, sweetcorn, red pepper - 2 points

Another sweet potato plus couscous and cottage cheese - this must have been me using up the fresh ingredients!

Roasted vegetable ratatouille on a bed of couscous with a wholewheat pitta and sugar snap peas plus houmous - 6 points

Post-gym quickie dinner of couscous and veg, I prefer it to rice - 3.5 points

The lunch from today that I have just eaten: baby corn, onion, spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrott, red pepper, coleslaw - 2 points

And finally......

I have NO IDEA how THAT got on here :) I may or may not have eaten a JD Wetherspoon Gourmet Veggie Burger plus chips and opnion rings and freakin' CHEESE a couple of Sundays ago on a date night with my gorgeous husband! Look at the size of that thing! YIKES!
Happy 'HUMP' Day people (that sounds sooooooooooo wrongety-wrong-wrong!!)
Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


starfish264 said...

I love how colourful the good food looks - I mean seriously, look at it compared to the Wetherspoons burger - oranges and reds and greens and yellows vs .... beige, with beige and a bit more browny-beige.

Glad to see I'm not the only one with an addiction to sweet potatoes and couscous. I just hadn't thought of having the two on the same plate ...

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

*raises my hand

I have a sweet potato addiction too! Yep, I admit!

Oh - now here's something for ya. Ya'll are crazy over there - I've NEVER heard of cheese on corn on the cob!

Rapunzel said...

I am completely there with you on the control thing around alcohol. not that I have a "problem" either..grin....but one easily leads to two and before you know it I'm ordering chicken wings and fries with wild abandon! Good for you for being able to stop at just one! :)