Saturday, 25 July 2009

Quick Update!!

Hey there beautifuls! Just letting you know that I'm currently being driven insane with trying to move house this weekend and for the duration of the coming week. Moving is utter PANTS: The chaotic pandemonium, the heavy boxes, the wondering where to put things, the realising that I own a ridiculous amount of shoes, clothes and wine glasses, the lifting, the dropping of one's coffee table on one's toe, the seemingly endless traipsing up and down the stairs, the seemingly endless "To Do" lists and the overwhelming realisation that I made THE most erroneous of errors by having a training session yesterday morning which focused on Lats and Lunges. Dear GOD!!!!!! I feel like I've been bloody well run over!! This has meant that I have been as much use as a chocolate teapot in the lifting of boxes department today and was thus relegates to the position of 'kitchen sorter-outer' because lifting knives and forks and woks and glasses was pretty much my limit today. Damn you Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness! Damn you personal trainer!! (have texted him to tell him he's officially off my Christmas Card list!) I hope it'll be better tomorrow (it's couch and bed moving day tomorrow- bugger!!)

So,this is a blog from my trusty B-Berry. My pc is currently half in our old flat, half in the new (loooonnnnng story) and thus je suis sans internet for the forseeable. Allegedly, British Telecom will have my 'normal service up and running within 2 to 3 working days'....or so the woman in Bangalore informed me.....frankly, I'm not holding my breath......

So, try not to miss me too much. I expect I'll be back in a week! Pics of new gaff to follow.....wish me luck!!

Lovety love



She-Fit said...

Awh, please don't remind me... we are moving next weekend... SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

Rapunzel said...

Have a safe move, see you back here soon! xoxoxo