Thursday, 9 July 2009

I *heart* running

Good morning! Here I am again blathering on about health and diet and exercise and what not! Thank you all so so much for your comments about my 5k run, it really meant a lot! And you will be pleased to know that last night on the treadmill I BEAT MY PERSONAL BEST! Well, distance-wise at any rate!

Since Monday had been so rubbish with a measly (for me) 2.68k, I was determined last night to run 5k. After all, I’d run it only a few days ago, I surely must be able to do it again!!!

So on that treadmill I got, set it for 40mins (to be on the safe if a little optimistic side!), set it to 9.1kph and found the fast playlist on my trusty ipod (Hairspray soundtrack, High School Musical, Scouting for Girls, Pink, Girls Aloud – I know, clearly I need help), walked for 1 minute to get ready and launched into a run. I threw my towel over the display on the treadmill and forbade myself from looking at the analogue clock on the wall. I purposefully chose the treadmill nearest the back of the cardio suite so I couldn’t make out the time on Sky news channel and one behind a man who had that long distance look in his eye. I find it helps me to run behind someone because I get so freaking competitive (“I am not stopping running until you do” etc etc) and the treadmill nearest the wall so you only have to deal with a neighbour on one side of you (the only down side is that there’s a bloody great big mirror on my left side so if I glance that way all I can see is my big fat body wobbling all over the show – memo to me engage core when running! YUCK!)

Anyways, where was I? Ah yes, the run. Well. I was running along at a steady pace, experimenting with pace and gait, you know how when you’re tired or have a little stitch you can slow your pace by narrowing your gait until you’re through it and then pick it up again? That’s why my fast playlist is helpful because each song has a quick beat I can run to and all I have to do is focus on putting a foot down on each beat (and not tripping over!). And then I caught myself off guard wondering how long I’d been going for. My hand inched toward the towel to sneak a peek at the display……I quickly snatched it back……and then I glanced at the bloody clock on the wall! DAMMIT! Since I hadn’t clocked what time I’d started though, this was fairly futile. I then glanced at the guy in front and to the right of me doing a fast walk, his display read 20 minutes and I fathomed that I had got on the treadmill ten minutes after him which meant I had done ten minutes which meant a lonnnnnnng way to go so I resolved not to look at his dial until it read 30 which would mean I had done 20 minutes. Eventually it got there and I couldn’t stand it any longer! I whipped my towel off the display and almost fell off the freaking machine!! 31.50!!!!!! 31.50!!!!! I had been running for thirty one minutes and fifty seconds and thinking I’d only done 20!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!? (Or, conversely, HOW MUCH DOES MY MATHS AND ATTEMPT AT ESTIMATING TIME COMPLETELY SUCK!!!??) Hahahaha!!

The mad thing is, is that I reckon I could have carried on for the full forty minutes if I hadn’t looked at the display! Weird hey!? As it was I ran until 36 minutes which meant a total of 35mins non stop running, which is the longest time I have ever run in my life and made it to 5.10k, which is actually slower on the treadmill than when I ran in the Park on Sunday. Odd.

My recovery time is getting quicker and quicker which means I am getting fitter (right?!) and whereas in the olden days I would have had to go home and collapse, straight after my run I cycled on a hill climb for 20 minutes on level 7 (out of 12), and then rowed 2000m at damper level 10.

And THEN I completed the following:

120 crunches (front version) in sets of 20
2x20 left oblique curls
2x20 right oblique curls
3xPlank holding for 20 secs
3x20 pec fly (lying down) with 4kg weights

Then over to the weights bench (while the men look at me like ‘Er..what you doin’ love?’) and I did:

3x20 DB chest press with bench at 45 degree incline with 5kgs
3x20 seated raises with 4’s
4x20 tricep dips on bench
3x20 overhead raises with 4’s
3x15 bicep curls with 4’s
3x15 hammer curls with 4’s (and then wimped out to 3’s)
3x15 back press with 3’s
4x20 upright row with 4’s

Then I did :

3x15 standing tricep pull down on that rope thingy
4x15 pec deck machine with the weights on 15.

And then I walked home and had a rest!!

So I felt VERY proud of my accomplishments yesterday. I got everything done that I wanted to and after Wakestock I am going to start my new programme so I don’t get bored. It’s such a buzz though to know what I am doing with the weights – I never, ever thought I would like using them but I really do – it’s sooooooo cool to see definition in my arms and back and shoulders and abs, I LOVE IT!!

So, after a little rest when I got in, and while dinner was cooking (Jen, I don’t think a cheese slice on corn on the cob is a British thing, I just think it’s a ‘me’ thing! HAHA!) I remeasured my bod! I last did this on 21st June and iw as WELL SCARED in case there was no difference, but I figured I’ve lost weight (11lbs) since then so there’d better be a bloody difference!!!

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you my losses! (in inches)

Waist -2
Hips -2
Chest -2
Arm -1
Thigh -2 (R) and -1.5 (L)
Fattest part of stomach -4


YAAAAAAY!!! It works! IT REALLY BLOODY WELL WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am actually buzzing right now – yes it’s because I am thinner(and thus in my head more attractive – GAH!) but also it’s because my body can do more stuff now, it’s stronger and leaner and fitter and more compact and I like it a whole lot better and Lord knows I’ve put it through some drastic times.

After all that stress of the Depo and just not being able to lose weight and my poor body thinking it was in menopause and my mental health going a bit west and all that jazz, I FINALLY feel like I am winning the battle….Hallelujah!

Now if I can ONLY not throw the whole thing down the pan on this weekend away!!! Here’s hoping!

Have a gorgeous, wonderful, happy and healthy weekend little blog-a-log pals! Be kind to yourselves!

All sorts of love

Liz xxxxxx


Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Liz!!!! Whoooo hoooo! Sharing your excitement! Loved your recap(hilarious) - I felt like I was right there with ya!

Keep going - YOU ARE DOING IT!

starfish264 said...

Oh my god - I'm so excited for you on so many levels. You ran for over 30 mins - 20 freakin' mins kills me - so RESPECT!!!! And faster than I can go too!!

You've lost mega inches, in less than a MONTH!!! That's like a whole dress size you've lost.

You're totally on fire. Breathe on me. Please. I need what ever it is you've currently got!! :o)

Love it!!

starfish264 said...

And ps - HOW hard do you work in the gym. I do a class, maybe have a run, and then skedaddle off home. Feeling severe guilt now for not attacking the weights, but I hate the little buggers.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

you really seriously honestly put my workouts to shame. Truly.

Dori said...

Congrats on the measurements! Your treadmill story is HILARIOUS! You are too funny. 31.50 is great even if it wasn't 40, who cares! That is a nice, sweaty run!

I love how you said "i had a rest" and we (Americans) say "i rested." Yours sounds so much friendlier. I was reading a book (Jane Green, hehe) and the character says "i had a poo" and i thought that was so great! So cute!

Bare It All said...

Wow, you are a workout queen! I can't believe how much you accomplished in one workout....

Jen said...

What a great workout and even better measurements!

Rachel said...

Awesome workout, girl! And you perfectly described some of the mind games that go on while running - I do exactly the same thing.

Keep up the amazing work!

Kathleen said...

That's amazing, Liz! I love the 4-inches off the belly!!!!!

mak'n Changes said...

Oh damn girl! What a great run u had! Great post!

Glam said...

your progress is inspiring & your attitude rocks! keep it up & keep me motivated to follow suit!

The World's Dresser said...

Dude, that work out was insane!!! I seethe with jealousy lol! Also, the Hairspray soundtrack is a definite win!

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