Thursday, 14 January 2010

The aftermath......

.....well, I can walk! Post-10k triumph (see sweaty picture to the left, taken just after I hopped off the treadmill, all endorphined up to the eyeballs...), I am not in any pain, the troublesome IT Band drama has not come back to haunt me, walking is smooth and easy, no crazy limp going on. My joints feel 'loose' and though I can feel that I've 'worked', it's not uncomfortable. Somehow this is just as sweet a victory as running the darn thing itself - because it means I have looked after myself. At this juncture, I really must give a huge shout out to my motivational match up (Remember them? From Jen's blog and Mizfit's blog?) the amazing Caro, who has supported me sooooooo much through all this injury drama! *Thanks Caro* I have learnt so much from her in the time we've been emailing and tweeting, (I am @lixwall) and one of the biggest things she has taught me is about looking after myself. You may have noticed I have a slight tendency to overdo it...*ahem*...and to have had Caro show up daily in my gmail inbox and check up on how I've let myself recover has been INVALUABLE!
Right now, for example, it's 10pm Thursday night. Ordinarily, even after my big run yesterday (and *confession time* the BodyPump class I did half an hour after the run), I would STILL have gone to the gym tonight. I had a crappy, crappy day at work and didn't leave the confounded office until 6:30pm. I felt fatigued, guys, mentally and physically, so instead of taking out my frustration on the treadmill (and consequently, my body!), I came home, had a bath, got in my PJ's, gave myself a manicure and a pedicure, made a healthy, filling dinner and caught up on blogs, sent some emails, and downloaded the Two Fit Chicks...podcasts. (Jen! Caro! Carla! Shauna! I am BUZZING off hearing your real life voices!!!) Loving the podcasts ladies!!
So, I've had a gorgeous evening of time out all to myself, not rushing aorund, not thinking of calorie burn and kilometres and the correct stance for a deadlift! Lesson learnt, I'd say! I'll be honest though, and say that I have had guilt pangs a few times this evening, where the crazy girl in my head taunts me for being weak and not hitting the gym, but I told her to shut it and carried on with my 'me' night. I feel great! And I've got a PT session tomorrow, with a firm promise to 'hammer' me (Charming!), so I really don't know what I'm worrying about.....
The only thing is, is that I have absolutely RAVENOUS today!!! I dunno what's wrong with me - could it be the exercise do you think? How do you fare after a big run/exercise sesh? Does it make you hungrier? How do you balance giving your system what it needs to replenish and recover IF you're still trying to lose weight?! OH MAN, IT'S CONFUZZLING!
I'd really appreciate your feedback!
And lastly, THANK YOU so much for all your comments yesterday, you're all so great and I KNEW that blogland would celebrate my achievement with me - seriously do not know what I'd do without ya!!!
Have a great Thursday and I'll see you tomorrow!

Lovelove BFP xoxo


starfish264 said...

The 10k is an awesome achivement - but I'll be honest with you - I'm even more pleased to see you learning to look after yourself and appreciate what you've achieved - you go girl!!!

Thanks so much for your comments over the last couple of posts - I think you're one of my loudest cheerleaders as your input is always 110% enthusiastic and I love that!! xx

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Wowza, that is fantastical!!! Way to rock that treadmill!!!!

Glam said...

You rock! SuperDooper Congrats on your 10k & post-run triumph!
Listen to your body -- it wants baths & cuddles not more punishment at the gym! =)

Take care of yourself, girl. You want to be able to enjoy your new body, not nurse it with meds because you overdid it.


Bri said...


I am guessing you're so hungry b/c of the long run. Go get a crazy big salad or something with lots of goodies!