Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Running and eating and eating and running...questions!!!!!!!

Hallo people! I have questions today! Ayudame por favor!!

Item 1 on the agenda: running at night. In the dark. On your own. To do, or not to do? What precautions do I take? Aside from letting someone know where I'm going, expected time back, and taking a key what else should I be doing? I wore my very fetching glow-in-the-dark running top but essentially I was all alone. I got in last night about 9pm after work and needed to clear my head, it was too full of thoughts! The old Lizzie would have got in the bath with a glass o' vino or vegged on her arse in front of the tv, but the new me rather fancied going for a run, a little one (because it wasn't on the actual activity plan for the week- remember Monday?!?!) So I donned my gear and I was off! Never ever thought I'd be that kinda gal, but there you have it!! It was amazing! I just did the circuit round my little village that I've run before with the boys and that is familiar so I didn't have to think too much about where I was going and was fairly close to home. I didn't really feel vulnerable at any point, it was mostly.....invigorating! Haven't been out on my own in sooooo long! I did about half an hour's worth, 2 circuits of my village so about 3 miles. Job's a good'un! So by the time I got back home I was starvacious indeed......and it was 9:30pm or thereabouts!

Which brings me to item #2 on the Agenda for today's post....

- fitting it all in!! I had eaten lunch (salmon and salad with cashews) at about 2pm to help my bod recover from Monday's killer weights AND to tide me over during working till 9pm. So I wasn't hungry particularly at 8pm ish and felt ok when running but then was starving!! I'd planned to make pasta with chicken to eat half last night and the remainder for an early lunch on weds (because I have uni weds afternoon and then it's long run day- treadmill as it turns out, given that it's currently hooning it down). BUT at half 9 at night who the heck wants to eat pasta, let alone bloody well cook it??!! EsPECIaLLY when I had to be in bed early (again, in accordance with my plan!!) Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!!!!! How DO I FIT IT ALL IN!!!! What to do?! Eat cereal for dinner (not the best refuel!) Or go with the pasta?

I made the pasta and ate half, but then had to stay up till 11 but I felt fine this morning, not stuffed and the scale was kind so perhaps I am stressin about nowt?! I dunno!! Help! How do you balance refuelling your body post-workout with. Nutrition and bed times?! Hahaha! I am gonna drive myself insane!!!!

I guess I'll know if the experiment was a success or not if I can run later on this afternoon! If I'm hungry I won't be able to sustain a long distance, if I'm too full and carbed up to the eyeballs,I won't either!!!!!

All input welcome!!!!!!

Much love

Lizzie xoxo



Sal said...


I think if you feel safe running around where you live - after all what can go wrong in pleasantville - then you should do it! After all Lizzie we're not one's to let fear be a factor in how we live our lives, are we?
As far as eating goes - nightmare! I work out now in the morning so don't really have that problem. Have you thought about planning in super advance - making stuff at weekends or on your free evenings, popping them in the fridge to warmed up a moments notice. The other thing you could do is transfer more points/ food to breakfast and lunch. You know the saying Breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord supper like a porper.

Love you lots lady.


Andrea said...

I fairly safe in my neighborhood, but now that I have to incorporate longer runs, I have to venture outside of the neighborhood (for variety.. I can't run around in a circle for 9 miles!). My town is fairly devoid of crime, but if I do decide to run at night, I do all of the things you said you're doing, and I also bring along my drivers license in my water belt. For shorter runs without the belt, I probably should get one of those runner ID bracelets or something.

And I totally understand your "how do I fit it all in?" situation. By the time I get home from work, it's 7, and then I run. So I don't get dinner made and ready by 9. Then I can't fall asleep because I'm wound up from my run. I finally fall asleep around 2am. Then, I'm late for work, which makes me want to stay late to work. It's a vicious cycle!

And I've rambled long enough. Anyways, I don't think I've ever commented in here before... so "hi" from a lurker!!!

Andrea :)

trio said...

Maybe eat something small at 6ish - something you can bring to work. Then eat another small meal after the run? It's hard, if only you didn't have to work you could fit it all in!

Kathleen said...

I run in the dark in my neighborhood, and I'd do it more, except it freaks out my husband. I also echo the idea of making your meals in advance. I know it's a pain ...

starfish264 said...

Ooooh - so many questions!!!

I run in my neighbourhood in the dark on my own, although our town is pretty safe. I do stick to well lit streets though and just keep an eye out for trouble, and only occasionally run across the common if I've planned the route and have a headtorch with me.

I actually don't have any hi-vis gear, but I've been looking at getting some - if only for the times I'm on the common and there's no lights or pavements - I was just going to get a bib or something that can go over my normal gear.

Eating-wise, I run into this problem too. I'm with Trio - I tend to grab a banana or cereal bar / small bowl of cereal as soon as I get in to give me an energy burst. Then I just eat as much as I feel like when I get home. I often find, that the hungrier I am the quicker I get filled up (although my brain definitely tries to tell me otherwise with it's "cook LOADS" mindset), so maybe stick to normal foods like pasta which are quick, but just do a half / two-thirds portion and then see how you feel afterwards. You might be surprised!