Monday, 25 January 2010

Weekly Goals...

Hello comrades, how’s tricks?

Had far too much fun on Saturday night and went to bed at 3am (sober!) which meant Sunday was kind of a non-starter. Snaps to my lovely hubby for politely suggesting I do the 5:30pm BodyPump class to redeem the day and, as he put it, ‘start the week right’. What a guy! The endorphins kicked in, I upped the weights in bicep and tricep tracks, just to see if I could do it, and I did!! Still going easy on the leg tracks (squats and lunges) just to be on the safe side injury-wise. I had a good swim and steam too

Just stopping by to post some weekly goals as a reminder to myself to GET IT DONE! A mixed bag this week, trying to focus on ‘self’ as well as just eating and exercise…..little experiment. We shall see!!

Here goes:

- When people comment on my weight loss, I am going to aim to try and see this in the spirit it is intended – i.e. that people care about me and thus not interpret it negatively or as judgement.
- Practice (perfect?!) kneeling on the Swiss Ball – this came from training Friday night. Apparently there’s all sorts of stuff you can do once you have the kneeling part right – how very Cirque du soleil! Just another little challenge to keep me busy!
- Speedwork/Intervals – stick to one long run a week and in between begin speedwork again. I was doing this just before the IT Band debacle and we did a little bit on Friday to test it and all seemed fine - I also need to run at an incline every so often too.
- Go to bed early every night this week – like, at 10pm. I am sooooo tired and it’s beginning to turn me into a right ol’ cross patch so need to sort it out – spare room here I come hahaha!
- Not doing BodyPump AND running 10k in the same evening. Apparently, this is considered ‘overdoing it’.

Activity plans for the week:
Idea being that if I plan it I will stick to it and not go overboard.

Monday – speedwork/intervals on treadmill 30 mins, pilates 1 hour, weights at home and more balancing on that freakin ball.
Tuesday – nada – late clients - maybe a little balance and weights in PJ’s in front of the tv!
Weds – long run – preferably outside (weather permitting)
Thurs – (BodyPump) and Yoga plus swim
Fri – PT
Sat – rest
Sun – treadmill run (HIIT) BodyPump and swim

Food issues:

- Eat more ‘proper’ main meals. Does anyone else have this issue? By the time I’ve finished work, worked out and got home and showered it’s practically bed time!!! And the last thing I feel like doing is eating a proper meal.
- Get involved with vegetables a bit more – I may be at risk of getting scurvy J
- Eat carbs on Tuesday night ready for the big run on weds – I have done this the past few weeks and it seems to work – food as fuel, right?!
- Water water water. Nuff said.

Danger points for week:

Friday I am off work to spend it with my mummy & sister for our mummy’s birthday, so we are off out to lunch and shopping. I have swapped my PT session for Friday morning so hopefully I’ll start as I mean to go on. I am sure there will be wine involved in the day but if I’ve begun with a workout I am far less likely to go overboard.

Saturday evening I am going out with the girls for Julie’s bday, there will almost certainly be cocktails involved and champagne I imagine so I will adopt my ‘drink water in between’ tactic. I might even run a bit on Saturday before the event…we’ll see.

So that’s the plan, Stan!!

Have a good day my dears!

Love BFP xoxo


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Sounds like a plan (actually, it sounds exactly like a plan).

Sometimes I like to get up really early and work out, too; that way, I can convince myself that it's just a bad dream. ;)

Tricia said...

Just checked out your progress pics. You look great!

Anonymous said...

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