Tuesday, 19 January 2010

One of those weeks....

Here's why....

- My blinkin cycle kicked in again....a mere week after the last time - wtf?

- I couldn't go to the gym last night because I promised 2 of my yummy mummy friends they could use my CostCo membership after work so I didn't get in till 9pm...

- ...which meant I ate really late. Which meant I ate crap. Which meant I got pissed off at myself.

- which meant I was determined to behave myself all day - which I did - but then I worked really late (tll 8pm) and thus the vicious circle of last night is beginning again, so I have turned to blogging as a diversion tactic!

- I was determined to run outside today - I had 2 invitations for company on said run. First one I couldn't make the time, second was wonderful Rachel. We were determined. 8pm came and went. I walked home from the train station in crazy winds and freezatious weather and thus the run did not happen.


I have not worked out for TWO DAYS. This makes me itch. Tomorrow I have simply got to do some exercise. And then I'll be fine. It's nonsensical to worry about 2 missed days. Isn't it? I ran 6 miles Sunday, did and hour's weights and swam 30 lengths. Surely that'll be ok till tomorrow.

God I am obsessive.

Let's find a positive.

Ooh I know! I wore my brand new, one piece swimsuit on Sunday - and actually felt not hideous in it, - and the pool was packed! AND I went in the steam room all by myself!

And obv, running a second 10k on Sunday in 2 minutes LESS than the first time is a bit of a buzz.

Hang in there me, you can do this.....

Ok. I feel better now!



Kyle Gershman said...

Sounds to me that you are doing pretty incredible. I'm envious of the running...I'm a newbie and still working on walking/jogging intervals.

I can't remember if this is my first comment on your blog, but have been following for awhile.

trio said...

I think the bloggin worked!

I know its hard, but you are doing great!

caro said...

dear, you are doing great. what happened today is totally normal: it was life. plans get derailed, and that sucks, but it's no drama. the amazing progress you've made in the past few months will NOT be undone by not working out for two days. even if it feels shitty not to work out. (and isn't it great to miss working out?)

two days of not working out are just that. two days. and today, you'll try (again) to make time for it, and all will be fab.

and please, give yourself some credit, lizzie: you rock! :)