Wednesday, 22 April 2009

NSV's and new frocks!

Hi gang!

I don’t even really know why I’m posting today! Haven’t got a lot to say to be honest!

It’s been an ok week so far, been busy getting my groove back with the old exercise regime and not-eating-sh*t routine. So far so good. I cheekily weighed myself at the meeting that I weigh other people at (i.e. the one that’s not my weigh-in day) which I know you shouldn’t do but I did. So there. And anyhoop, the scale says I’ve lost 2lbs since Saturday’s disastrous weigh in. So hopefully things are headed in the right direction for a loss this week (a re-loss, I guess I should say.)

This morning I was obsessing over my record of weight loss and gain since I began this mental journey and to my horror discovered that I am only 4lbs lighter than I was this exact time last year. GOD! How awful!

Then I chilled the heck out, calmed down and thought about my body shape this time last year: what I was wearing, what I couldn’t wear that I can now and I realised that my shape has totally changed, there is toning there where once there was fat. So then I felt a bit better.

Rachel (WW Guru and all around amazing pal) was talking last night at the meeting about measures of success. OBVIOUSLY the main point is a loss at the scales, that’s the major way we measure our success….but there are other ways too. I realised we were talking about NSV’s! Behold the joy of non-scale-victories!

For me right now, this is what I am trying to focus on. I really should take my measurements……Being able to push my body to run a 5k in 30mins and not want to die afterward was not something I could do this time last year – in fact, I was doing bugger all exercise this time last year! So that is a total improvement.

Sometimes I worry I’ve got BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) but in reverse! Where I think I look ok, but secretly people are thinking ‘OMG! Look at that FAT girl!’

Anyone else ever wonder about that?

I promised myself that I’d do my weights and core stuff every night this week, I have failed already! I did a LOAD on Monday and gave myself DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and then jibbed it off last night coz I was tired and hungry! But I did make myself go for a little run around my neighbourhood – at 8pm, it was still glorious out and there was hardly anyone about !! I definitely notice my knee twinges more when I run outside as opposed to on a treadmill. So I signed up for a training plan on so I can run safely and not overdo it.

I’m going to run the Race for Life this summer, which is a 5k, I know, not massive or anything but I’ve never done anything like it before so I figure I’ll start small! It’s on July 5th .

In other news, I am busy planning Rich’s (husband’s) 30th Birthday Party! We’re having it at the venue where we had our wedding reception and also my 30th party last year. We’re big fans of giving parties and they always have to have a theme! For mine we did like an American Idol thing where different people sang and Rich hosted it dressed as Russell Brand (wearing my skinny jeans!) and so we thought long and hard about the theme for his and came up with a corker:

A Mad Hatter’s Ball!

How funny! So everyone has to come wearing a hat/headdress/head decoration of some sort! I’ve made bunting out of playing cards and ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ signs, and I’m going to make cupcakes with my mum and use the tiered stand my dad made for our wedding cakes (We had chocolate muffins! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!)

And in the middle of the party we’re going to have who is our friend Simon and who played at our wedding and he’s going to sing some stuff and let people do cabaret with him! It’s gonna be FUN!

So of course I needed a new dress…..and I found one last weekend at Coast

AND it was reduced! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!! BUT the best bit is that I fitted into a size 12! Which I THINK is a 10 in the US? Still massive I know but SUCH a triumph – NSV!!!!!!! And thanks to all the torture…er..I mean personal training; I actually LIKE my arms in a strapless frock! They’re starting to look more and more like those beautifully toned arms you can see in the picture above of me as a bride!

So, I have my hat (thanks ebay!) ready for the party so all I need now is SHOES! (OH how I LUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE buying shoes!) I’m heading to Liverpool Thursday evening so get ready for some shoe chat!

The only question remaining is: spray tan or not?!

Geez it’s tough bein’ a girl!

Laters hotties xxxxx

PS I don’t know why BUT I’ve just realised where I got the Mad Hatter theme from!! AAAARRRRGGGGH!!!!!!! From ‘Nick and Jessica: Newlyweds’ when she had her ‘23 is old! It’s almost 24 which is almost mid-twenties’ ditz rant! And Lea Lachey’s Party Planning Company plans her a Mad Hatter’s theme party! The one where they have a meeting and don’t know how to eat a soft shell crab!!!!!! HAHAHA!! OMG OMG!!! OMG! Do NOT tell Richard this – he was not a fan of my Jessica Simpson obsession! HAHAHAHAHA!!! He’ll go NUTS!


Sal said...

Hey, NSVs like it, like it.

Pretty sure a 12 is US 8. Even more good news!!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

It sounds like you have a lot going on!

I like the party theme.

When I went to weight watchers, there were always people who didn't get it, if they did everything right, and it didn't show on the scale. I would want to scream, but you had a great week, just keep going!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Bri said...

Ha! That is funny about the Jessica Simpson/Mad Hatter theme! I have a total love/hate relationship with that woman! I do feel bad that her career is in the crapper right now.

I sometimes thing I have reverse BDD too!! I will think I look totally amazing, and then see a picture of myself and nearly cry! Maybe I need all new mirrors?

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

95lbs lost and I don't see it. How the hell can that happen?! I look in the mirror and I don't see what you see. Just as true as when I was 245, I never NEVER thought I looked like I did. In fact, I was convinced I didn't look like I weighed more then 200lbs. easily we convince ourselves of what we want to hear!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! Don't forget to take pictures, cause I'm sure you are going to look amazingly beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

>>>>Sometimes I worry I’ve got BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) but in reverse! Where I think I look ok, but secretly people are thinking ‘OMG! Look at that FAT girl!’

I absolutely relate to this. I put on 2 stone (on top of being 20lbs overweight) and didnt give it a thought! It's only when you see yourself in a picture that you become aware! Even my jeans seem to have stretched. I never went up a dress size. But then, I kind of avoided buying clothes that fit! The last seasons smock dresses 'fit' just fine! lol Very strange behaviour......

Tusc :)