Saturday, 25 April 2009


Hahahaha! I lost three and a half pounds AGAIN this week!!!!! Hurrah!!!! So now I'm back where I was two weeks ago. So, I hear you ask, how will you ensure you don't gain that fabulous loss back AGAIN this week BigFatPie?????

Well........ I will do the following:

- Exercise over the weekend instead of jibbing it off now I know I've lost.

- Keep celebratory alcohol to a minimum! ie don't have anything tonight and save some points for wine with the 'rents tomorrow.

- TRACK THE WEEKEND POINTS!!!! Sounds daft but obviously doing this will make a difference! Duh!

- Do the same as I did last week!

And all in all that should result in a loss again. If I can get a loss for 2 consecutive weeks then I will be so happy! And the thing is, Depo or no Depo, it's NOT left up to chance! If I do the plan and exercise I will lose!

Eat on plan + exercise = LOSS

Now that's maths Lizzie LIKES to do!!

I'm gettin on great with my running. 2 miles yesterday and another 2 today then a rest tomorrow.

All in all things are great!

Happy Saturday my lovelies!!!!!

BFP xoxo


mak'n Changes said...

Oh congrats! Yay for you! And a 2 mile jog two days in a row! Girl you are on a roll!

Anonymous said...

I love thr difference you are making to yourself and the inspiration you are giving to other!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

HOLY CRAPOLA is right! You are TOTALLY rockin' it!

Awesome job