Thursday, 9 April 2009


So, it's midnight or thereabouts, just got in, had a lovely evening celebrating my bestest gal pal Abbi's birthday. Done really well drinking-wise. 3 small glasses white wine, 6 points. I went out at 8pm so that's over 4 hours and so am not squiffy or anything, PLUS I'm within points. And all is right with the world.

I was literally takin' off my coat and putting the kettle on for a cuppa before bed when Husband (who is clearly clueless) yelled to me "Do you want some white Tiger bread toast with butter on?"


Is he ACTUALLY insane?!?!?!?

Tiger bread is sooooo gorgeous, it smells heavenly and is fab cut in 2 inch-thick slabs, lightly toasted and covered in butter BUT that was in another life, when I was 16 and had the metabolism of a whippet! I love my husband (obviously) but sometimes I do wonder if he EVER listens to what I say!! What a total doofus!!!!

It took every modicum of self restraint I posess not to chin him there and then!!

I explained calmly and rationally that, no, I would not be partaking of white bread toast with butter at such a late hour if, indeed, ever again! I then lost it and lectured on him on the evils of white flour and how it has less nutritional value than diet freakin' coke and also managed to tell him that he deserves to be obese, the way he eats!! Oopsie. Ah well, he started it with such asinine suggestions! Doofus-face.

Good GOD, man! What were you thinking!?

My man is a TOTAL saboteur!!! ;)


BFP xoxo


♥ Dee ♥ said...

"chin him"

Thanks for the new term! :)

Sal said...

I'm with Dee - give 'im one Liz.

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