Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I dunno about you....

.....but I love, love, LOVE the part of a weight loss journey where clothes start to get too big. All of a sudden it seems to happen that staple wardrobe items are now in jeopardy, ill fitting and too darn big! These items of clothing don't get to go through the ' Whoa! that FITS!' stage, they just go straight to the 'charity shop donation bag stage'. I put on some work trousers this morning which promptly fell back down - there was no flab to hold them up! I laughed my head off and put them back in the drawer - I'm going to keep them as my measure! So although my scale digits aren't decreasing at a rapid rate of knots anything like the last time I did this weight loss malarkey, I can definitely tell my body is changing shape and getting healthier (which I WANT to be the most important factor in my head but in reality I'm not there yet. )

I went for a teensy run yesterday wearing my all-new running leggings which, you may remember, I was too scared to try on. So, last night I gave myself a slap and pulled them on, thinking 'Ok, I don't look too bad' and went to show Ricardo. His words? 'You look like a proper runner! I knew the smaller ones would fit' What a sweetheart! I was like, 'Say what now?' because I thought I'd grabbed a size large and legged it to the cash desk before anyone in the trendy Nike superstore could think 'What the hell is that big fatty doing in here buying running clothes. AS IF'

Turns out I'd grabbed the xs ones! YES! EXTRA SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a JOKE!! And they bloody FIT ME!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh hilarious!

I mean, obviously, they're made of stretchy material and are meant to expnad BUT nevertheless they FIT!

Who knew?

So maybe I'm not so much of a porker as I think I am?

Anyhoop I did a pathetic 2k round my village but at least it was better than nothing! I find it really hard to pace myself when I am running outside, so I get knackered all the more easily. Any tips?

OOOOHHH In other news the sex and the city dress arrived bright and early this morning and fits like a dream if I do say so myself! I LOVE IT! and I like myself in it so that's a bonus! So all's I need now is SHOES!!! My friend Colette came up with a genius suggestion of putting a red feather in the hat I am wearing and thus I can wear red shoes....

I like THESE

.....but I also like THESE

So many shoes, so little time.....what's a gal to do......?

- Eating still going well. I feel like I've gained again though this week, not sure why but I feel fat.

Ah well, I'm just going to keep on keeping on and see what happens. I have my day off coming up on friday which means a session with my trainer - gulp. I love it once I'm there, it's just that weirdness of someone watching you work out and you pay them for it whereas I usually spend my gym time trying to blend in as much as possible and NOT be watched (except in pilates where I am a REAL SHOW OFF - thank you ballet training!)

I'm sorry not to have been posting food lists for a while now, I will start again but it just got a bit boring, especially since I am much better at writing it down now, and I figured you can only read the words 'skimmed milk' and 'ryvita' so many times before all you lovely readers bugger off through sheer boredom!

I am still enjoying mucho pineapple in my diet, it's a great mid-morning snack around 11am when the boredom munchies kick in :) I am not eating as many carbs of late, but have upped the fish intake. I adore salmon - steamed in garlic and chilli with steamed veggies. In fact,that's what I lived on during pre-wedding craziness !! Must be something about this time of year (It's our 4 year wedding anniversary tomorrow). In fact, this precise time 4 years ago I was doing a high intensity aerobics class in an attempt to 'fit into' my dress...insanity had set in because the dress shop had to take it in from a UK 10 to an 8 THE DAY BEFORE the wedding, and a woman pricked her finger sewing it and bled all over the back of the crushed Italian silk and I almost had a nervous breakdown. Not to mention my bloody grandmother deciding (after having declined the invitation in February) that she would be attending our wedding and reception. MY PRECIOUS TABLE PLAN! I almost chinned her.

Anyhoop it all worked out ok in the end! But more of this tomorrow, I am off to try and drink a few litres of water throughout the day as I have been neglecting my water intake a bit and feel all......unhydrated?!HA!

Love you long time

BFP xoxo


MizFit said...

I love your writing style...and the shoes. both of the shoes :)

and ricardo.

how sweet is he?


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

WHOA BABY! EXTRA SMALL? That is so so so awesome!

And how cool, now you are a proper runner! Take pics, I wanna see what you look like in your proper runnin' outfit! :)

♥ Dee ♥ said...

First off, when I started reading your blog I thought you were huge, the way you talk! At least 300lbs. Imagine my shock when you stated your dress size... and now you own and WEAR something that is an XS?? Dude! Slap yourself! You are NOT fat.

There is no bloody way that a fat person would wear an XS ... well an XS anything, really! LOL

The shoes are GORGEOUS, but the second one wins out a bit for me. I'm a total shoe whore. :P

When I go for a run, I take (literally) bites of whole wheat bagel with me. If I feel myself flagging I have a bite. The carb keeps me going. You might want to try that. Do you have a running belt that you can store your stuff in?

Anonymous said...

Rock on babe! Congrats on clothing size - such a great feeling!!

kristisummer said...

It is always nice to see the results of your hard work. Keep it up.