Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tracking every day #2

Ok, so where was I up to with this tracking lark yesterday? Ah yes, I had swum a mile in 45 minutes – hurrah! A definite personal best. This is continual swimming, I might add, no putting feet down or resting!

Anyhoop. After that I came back to the office and had my lunch (already pointed in yesterday’s post)

At 5:30pm I headed to the gym. YES, after having already swum. Desperate times call for desperate measures don’tcha know!!??

My ‘Day 2’ cardio from Chris the PT said ‘ 4k @8-8.5kph’ – I thought I was hallucinating. But I was determined to do it, so I got cracking and warmed up for five minutes, walking and then a gentle run and then cranked up the kph, got my ‘workout’ playlist on my trusty ipod and went for it.

(A brief aside….once again I found that I had to tuck my ipod into the shoulder strap of my sports bra because for some bizarre reason, women’s workout pants never have zip pockets. It’s soooooooooo bizarre/annoying! I am convinced I will kill my ipod by continually immersing it in sweat! Hahaha)

Just under 30 minutes later I finished!! I FINISHED A RUN! Normally I would WELL have given in and walked a bit or slowed the pace, but no, I kept the 8.5kph pace throughout, didn’t walk once!! I am SUCH a clockwatcher though – I had to put my towel over the display so I couldn’t agonise over the distance ticking by! Of course, it did help that the treadmill overlooked the pool so I could amuse myself whilst the men’s swim team did their drills….(HELLOOOO!!!!!!!) I felt like Rachel in ‘Friends’, ‘ooh! I like swimmers’ bodies!’ HAHAHA! It also helped that I had a conversation with myself in my head which went a little like this:

“You doofus don’t even think about giving up and slowing down to a walk, this is 30 little minutes out of your life so bloody shut up and get on with it. You’re a qualified Cognitive Therapist for crying out loud, use a technique! Use a technique! You totally believe in them and use them with clients all the time! Self talk! Self talk! You can do it! Visualise the goal! Imagine what this is doing to the fat cells in your bod! Imagine how smug/great you’ll feel at the end! Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!”

Anyhoop. I was on such a cardio high that I added in a second element of cardio as per my plan, and rowed 1000m with the damper at level ten – this was a good warm down after the run – my face was sooooooo red it was hilarious!

Upon arriving home I put a skinless, lean chicken breast (2.5) in the oven covered in paprika, and a sweet potato (3) to bake. I used 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, chicken stock, mushrooms, broccoli, green pepper, yellow pepper, leek, garlic, coriander leaf, red onion (0) in a big pan, with some tomato puree to thicken, and left it to simmer whilst I did the following:

- leg extensions across non-stability ball 3 sets of 15
- tornado chop with 3kg weight 3 sets of 12
- ab crunches on non-stability ball 3 sets of 15
- single leg squat passing 3kg weight around body 5 times 4 sets (left and right)
- hip extension plus chest press, which sounds gross but is basically a pilates shoulder stand and as you raise your hips you chest press the weight in the air. Thank God the husband was out! Hahaha!
- Twin arm raise, which I call ‘the arm twist one’ 3 sets of 10 reps.

I then had dinner and read a bit of ‘New Moon’ before falling asleep for an hour on the couch! HAHA! I am an old woman.

This morning I had 2 Weetabix and skimmed milk again (2), milk allowance (2), with 2 cups of English Breakfast tea. I was also really dehydrated this morning so by 10am had already finished a litre of water!

Midmorning I had grapes (1) and a peach and passionfruit ‘Satisfaction’ yoghurt (1)

So, last night’s points total was 13 which saves me 7. I have no idea how many exercise points I earned but if I don’t count’em, I can’t eat ‘em! Haha!

Running total for today is 4 not including milk.

I need to be strict this week (a) to lose the gain from Spain (rhyme, much?!) and (b) because it’s Easter - oh YAAAAY!!!! The Spring Christmas, I love it!

It also means that the London contingent all head back up north to see their families and pals, and of course such occasions are celebrated with ‘Drinks?’ type texts whizzing back and forth.

Which means my week ahead looks something like this! :

Tuesday – pilates at 6 with Emma after ww meeting at 5 followed by drinks with the Kennaughs @ Rose & Crown
Wednesday – swim at lunch time and interval training after work, then drinks with the Murphys @ Leverhulme Hotel & Spa
Thursday – session with PT (hello inability to walk for the next 3 days), no social events due to impending inability to walk.
Friday – church then run (possibly), maybe a walk is more probable? Or I could get my bike out? Or hang out with Emma!! I think the gang has organised a hike up Snowdon but I am certain I won’t be in any fit state to partake in that challenge! Swimming won’t be an option as pool is closed for Good Friday, and in the evening drinks @Chronicle with Laura the hot lawyer
Saturday – get weighed, take 5 year old niece swimming, workout, have a lie down in a darkened room to recover!
Sunday – Beautiful, Glorious, Triumphant, Risen indeed Easter! Lunch with the Millars and evening with the Povalls
Monday – sleep a LOT, drink no alcohol and get ready for work!!!

Gotta love Easter!

So, There’s a lot of alcohol indulgence going on over the next week. Honestly, it’s AS BAD as Christmas! This is my danger zone and I know it. So. I am going to ban myself from wine and have shorts instead, that way I can alternate with SLT and no one has to know :) I might have a glass of champagne on Wednesday but it’s Abbi’s birthday and the Leverhulme is so beautiful in all its art deco glory that one simply has to partake of the bubbly. MODERATION is the key - ie 2 glasses of wine MAX or equivalent - anymore than that and I go into MUST-EAT-CARBS overdrive.....

I am going to stick to minimal points and maximum exercise and not waste my points on non-filling foods or processed crap. I think I am also going to sack off bread. That always helps me feel thinner.

SO I have a plan – plus I’m still on my tracking every day this week bender, so I feel prepared……*gulp*

Right. Must dash, it’s almost midday – swimming time!!!!!

Heaps of Easter-y love

BigFatPie xoxo

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Anonymous said...

This is a great post - I need to start pulling some double gym duty too!. Congrats on your swim time!