Sunday, 5 April 2009


I am writing this to serve as a warning and reminder to myself for future reference.....reasons why wine just ain't worth it....

We went to The Chronicle, our local bar, last night to celebrate the birthdays of some good pals. I was feeling fabulous: I'd had a really good workout during the day with my new personal workout programme designed just for me, had eaten really healthily and allowed for two large glasses of my favourite wine within my points allowance, having checked with the WW Amazing Guru what the points were. So I was all set and feeling good.

I paced myself with those 2 glasses, amidst great conversation and laughs galore,got home at a reasonable hour, totally sober.

And there the fun ended:

My sleep was broken with chronic acid indigestion

My mind was buzzing

My head feels all fuzzy

I did not sleep well at all

I kept waking up in the night

I feel tired and lethargic today

I am soooo dehydrated

I wanna carb over-load today

Ohhhhhh it's just NOT worth it! All this after 2 little glasses of vino!

I think my love affair with the vino may well be over........

BFP xoxo


MizFit said...

that is totally ME!!
I drink pretty rarely now and, when people lovingly tease me, I think about how crappy I always feel the next day and dont give a

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I love me some wine! mmm-chianti, my favorite! make some pretty valid points there. I have never taken the time to reflect on or correlate any feelings the day after a glass or two. I might have to run a special experiment.