Monday, 6 April 2009

Tracking ALL WEEK LONG Day 1

B - 2x Weetabix with skimmed milk (2 points)
2x English breakfast Tea with skimmed milk (0 points)
Skimmed milk allowance for day (2 points)

Mid morning - fresh strawberries (1/2 a point)

L - 4x Ryvita wholegrain (2 points)
2x Laughing Cow Light Cheese Triangles (1)
1x WW Black Cherry Yoghurt (1)

1L Water drunk throughout day.

That's it so far - very boring I know but I NEED to do this, especially having gained 2.5lbs over my holiday (IN A WEEK, FFS!) and given my increasing frustration with not losing ANY WEIGHT. I've been pretty much 170lbs for a freaking YEAR and I have HAD ENOUGH! You've seen pictures of me. I know I'm not morbidly obese. I know it's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. I know that people are dying and there's a war But it's NOT NATURAL to me to be this heavy. ESPECIALLY given how much and how frequently I exercise and how I watch what I eat. I've even knocked the social over-drinking on the head and NOTHING!


Beginning to think there's something wrong with me.

BFP xoxo

EDIT: swam 64 lengths (1 mile) in 45 minutes at lunchtime.

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Laura said...

I can relate to this post so much! I just got back from a cruise and I'm up a couple pounds. I'm happy that I've maintained a 70 pound weight loss for over a year now... but I also haven't lost any more weight in almost a year. Ugh!

Keep it up and know you are not alone in this!