Thursday, 5 March 2009

Almost Fridaaaaaaaay!!

Hello blogaloggers!

How art thou old beans??!!

Quick update.....

Today I have mostly been eating:

- 30g branflakes with skimmilk
- 4 ryvitas
- 2 cheese triangles
- yoghurt
- one bag of sainsburys own wotsit-a-likes (2 points and sooooo not worth it but at least I resisted homemade shortbread AND chocolate fudge- oh the joys of workin in an office full of diet saboteurs!!!)
- veggies

Y c'est tout. Not bad going- will be adding up pointage shortly. Oh and I swam 40 lengths @ lunchtime too. Fabuloso!! Feeling very smug- er.....healthy. Yeah, I mean healthy! Ha!

I am off to La Bodega this evening with some friends from college- no wine though- boooooooooo!!

Oh, and over the weekend I wanna add more photos to this here an illustration, if you will, of weight loss journey....BUT I dunno how to do it! Any suggestions?!?!

Heaps of lurve......

BFP xxxxx


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Friday can't come fast enough!!

For the pictures, I created another blog and just linked to it...

KK @ Running Through Life said...

I love that "healthy smug" feeling after a workout! Good for you!