Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Cous Cous Crisis and other ramblings...

Gah! What a waste of valuable points cous cous is! I had it today for my lunch - 5 bloody points for a measly amount! Of course, on my scales I weighed it as dried even though it was already made, so that maybe had sommat to do with it. Those scales (if I haven't said so before) are an ACTUAL god send when you're trying to LTWWW (Live The Weight Watchers Way), you can measure in points as well as grams and....er...whatever the other one is. But cc seems like a LOT o' points for a tea spoon full....

Anyhoo. I made said couscous avec lemon juice and green beans and atop it I put this amazing big leaf spinach stuff (I ususally buy baby spinach) - honestly, it was gargantuan, and I drizzled some 0 points WW balsamic dressing on top and 2 cheese laughing cow thingies and dutifully brought it to work avec moi, along with a massive tupperware of grapes, strawberries and banana covered in black cherry yog. This was designed to correct yesterday's debacle of eating stupid things. My breakfast was 3.5 and I am once again allowing myself 1 point for milk aujord 'hui.

But the reason for the title of this post is because I was eating said couscous at my desk (as I have reserved my lunch hour proper for a swim) as I worked. The tiny grains + gargantuan spinach leaves + salad dressing REALLY go well together BUT were soooooo difficult to eat! Every time I forked a bit of spinach, dressing would fly off and cous cous would fly everywhere. As a result I have managed to dump a cous cous-y mess all over my day planner, BlackBerry, phone, desk, radio, skirt, stapler (!), and in between keyboard keys. So that's nice.

What else have I to tell y'all?

Lenten wine fast is going swimmingly thus far. As you will see from recent posts I have done well over the weekend, and last night I had a meeting, in the bar near my apartment with other people who live in my apartment building and they sat across the table from me with a glass of wine each and though I drooled with desire slightly, I settled for a pre-dinner G&T (slimline bien sur) which made me think of days of yore when cocktail hour was de rigeur which THEN made me think of Gilmore Girls and Richard and Emily and how they ALWAYS have cocktail hour and THEN I remembered that I am mad at amazon.co.uk for delaying my order of GG season 5. And by the time I'd thought all that, I was over the whole wanting a glass of wine thing!

Next big wino test will be tonight when I visit the parental units. I adore my folks, and are some of my fave people to have a right ol' larf with. They never really drank when we were kids and now their children are 30, 28 and 24 and have flown the nest (though we're currently unsure about my brother hahaha), they are quite frankly making up for lost time. My dad particularly is a wine hog - you're lucky if you see a glass of the stuff when he's around! They are very sociable people (they can afford to be! They're retired for God's sake!) and enjoy a tipple or two. And I ALWAYS get sucked in when I am with them! And today when my mum uttered the words 'Do you want to come for dinner?' via email this morning I knew what was on the cards....a full on MWDS (mid week drinking session) so I assumed a defensive position and assured her that since Husband is going to the Liverpool game this evening, I had already planned dinner so I wouldn't eat with them. This means it'll be a shorter visit and I won't be tempted.

Have I told you about Barcelona?? OOOOh no! I haven't! Well.....I am going to Barcelona for a 4 day weekend with 2 of my gal pals on March 28th. We got an amazzzzzing deal of £170 for flights and a self catering brand new city centre apartamiento cerca de la Sagrada Familia! We fly from Liverpool on 28th and fly back on March 31st! EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, that falls smack bang in the no wine zone so that'll certainly be a challenge! HA!

WW meeting tonight - the one where I am a weigher, not a weigh in-er. I always LOVE Tuesdays....it is SUCH a privilege to weigh people, sounds daft but it REALLY is! It's like this trust thing- I feel honoured that people let me along on their journey with them...and tonight marks a week of no vino (GOD! Has it only been a week?! Jeez...)

Right, must dash - it's 2pM! OOPS!



Mrs. Darling said...

I love cous cous but you're right, it should be measured after cooking, just like rice.

Your salad sounds delicious!

Watching and Weighting said...

Why thank you Mrs D! i LOVE it when people comemnt!!! THANK U xxxx

Sal said...

have you tried cooking the cous cous in stock - makes for an even tastier treat. I always have to eat cous cous with a spoon when at my desk, on account of its flightiness. Either that or cover everything with paper towels, rocket also has the same result.

Isn't the correct term Weighee rather than weigh iner, just a thought. lots of love.

Sarah :) said...

Hmmm...and I've always wondered about cous cous, thinking something with such an unusual name MUST be healthy! *haha* Glad you gave me a headsup!

(Just found your blog through the loverly DietGirl...I'm excited to follow your journey!)