Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday Night Dinner

Yes. I HAVE been watching far too much Gilmore Girls - HA!


So here we are, Friday FINALLY! Seems like it’s been a loooooooonnnnnng week this week.

Tonight we are having the Heywoods over for dinner, which I am VERY excited about as I haven’t had a proper catch up with them since Christmas!

Naturally, a lot of planning has gone into my menu for ce soir and you will be please to know that I am making a divine feast, all from my considerable collection of WW recipe books!

The CHALLENGE to me though is the fact that I have to get weighed tomorrow morning so I can’t stuff myself like a pig…ha! So I am giving my guests options to supplement their meals but ones that allow me to eat the bulk of the main dish without calling too much attention to myself!

With that in mind, tonight’s dinner will consist of:

Starter: sweet potato and chilli soup with warmed pitta bread and crème fraiche. (I will have mine without crème fraiche and bread)

Main course: Chicken Tagine with lemon and green bean couscous plus rosemary new potatoes and pea and mint frittatas with natural yogurt. Warmed pitta bread.

Dessert: Chocolate marshmallow meringue cake – yes it IS a ww recipe! Honestly!

And then coffee to finish.

How good does all that sound?!?!

I’ve left the list with all the point values worked out on the fridge door, so I can’t record them here but trust me it’s well within points and I have adjusted my days eating accordingly.

I made a gorgeous smoothie for breakfast but discovered that my blender is broken so had to use the hand blender – annoyingly. Ah well, a good excuse for a shopping trip! J

In it I put a 1 point banana, 1 point’s worth of strawberries, 100ml of skimmed milk and 2 ice cubes. There was LOADS! So I put it in a Nalgene flask and brought it to the office to have at my desk through the morning. (Laura your good habits are rubbing off on me!!!!)

For lunch I am having whole grain ryvita and laughing cow cheese with a small salad. I’ve brought 6 ryvita (3 points) but may not have them all – depends how hungry I am!

I feel bloated today after one teeny little beer with my brother last night! Just shows you! Also further adds to my rant of why haven’t we yet got Miller light (another newlyweds: Nick and Jessica reference hahaha!!) or other low cal beer over here? Sure, we have Coors Light but that’s not low cal it just means ‘not heavy’ GRRR!!!

Anyhoo, so that’s me today. Off for a swim in about an hour, since I skived off yesterday.

A bientot mes amis

BFP xxxxx


na said...

what's bfp mean?!

betsy, dinner sounds so lovely, as you say, sounds like you've done what you need to do to not stick out like a miss no-food, no-fun and can just marks!

Sal said...

Specially like the sound of pudding - would you mind terribly posting that on your blog or is that a copyright infringement.
6 Ryvita, even I'd have to be pretty blodoy hungry to manage all that!!! But well done for planning and pointing. You'll do your guests proud.

Love you lady.


Sal said...

I mean bloody hungry.

na said...

you'd also be wanting a pretty BIG drink of something to hand if you were aiming to persevere your way through six freaking rivitas....n'est ce pas..?!

Watching and Weighting said...

My dearest Elinor, BFP is BigFatPie which is me!

Sal, my loveliest love I shall make the next post the recipe and if you're lucky a picture! I figure since I bought the book I can share it with whomsoever I choose?!

Have eaten just 2 ryvita and a yogurt. 62 lengths swum in 40 mins. job's a good'un I am ready for FRIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAY!!!!

Fanx for your comments my gorgeous friends in real life and not just t'internet! xxxx