Monday, 23 March 2009

Monday Musings...

Hello children!

How are we all this morning?

Moi, je suis tres bien merci - which is odd, considering it's a Monday and I am not a good Monday person.

Currently in the office, all alone, so am taking a moment to blog and if anyone questions it, I shall simply inform them that while the smokers take their 20minute long fag breaks 4x a day, I shall henceforth use said time to blog. Fair's fair I say!

So, the weekend.....Friday evening I met K for a quick post-work beverage in the gorgeous sunshine, before returning home and whizzing on out the the L's annual Paddy's Day soiree which was all the usual fun, home fairly early and nto at all inebriated - bonus!!

And then, 9:30am arrived and it was PERSONAL TRAINER TIME. Suffice to say that today is Monday and I am still unable to (a) lift my arms above my head, or (b) walk up or down stairs with any degree of fluidity of motion (a fact which I did not discover until I got to work this morning as there are no stairs in my apartment!) Thing is, it was only the bloody ASSESSMENT! Good grief!! But the good news is that he said my levels of fitness are good, my posture is perfect and core strength excellent soooooo all that basically means he can work with me to see some good results! HURRAH! Bring on the new body!!!

From the PT sesh, I went to get weighed and discovered I'd GAINED .5lb. This is getting ridiculous now....although I was ill at the beginning of last week and consequently only did the diet for Weds/Thurs/Fri AND lived on crisps on Tuesday so I guess I deserve it BUT I can't help thinking that there might be another issue going on here. I'm wondering about my thyroid gland and also about the remnants of this bloody Depo Provera contraceptive injection that's lurking around my body and how that might be affecting my weight loss. Plain fact is I should be losing far quicker than I am doing. So, instead of obsessing on it I'm going to go to the doc's and see what she has to say.....

I go to Barcelona early Saturday morning, so that should be amazing - just for a long weekend, until Tuesday. I can't wait now!!

Oh yeah - after weigh in (grrrr!) I ent to the gym! I didn't feel that knackered after the PT so I figured I might as well do my usual Saturday routine! So I spent 30 mins on the cross trainer and banked 400cals (which is 100cals MORE than I would usually do), ran 5k and then swam a freakign MILE!! 66 lengths actually - in 50mins! I had the pool and a lane all to myself so I really went for it - I KNEW the novelty of that pool opening would wear off with the general public sooner rather than later! HA!

I walked home and had some grapes and yogurt and then some toast coz I was starving!! It got to 3:45pm, I took delivery of our shopping, put it away and then at 4:45pm had to go to sleep for a bit!! I had REALLY knackered myself! hahaha!!! So much so that I was STILL asleep at 8pm and poor Husband (who'd been promised a lovely dinner and movie night with me, his wife, had gone out to see his friends! HAHA!!!)

When I woke up my poor body felt dead! Unbelievable! I managed to make lamb and mint burgers and sweet potato fries, eat it, watch a bit of Notting Hill and then was back in bed for 11pm! Good GRIEF I have turned into an OAP!!!!

Yesterday was Mother's Day so we had to go visit the mothers which meant bacon butties, coffee, tea, cake, and then the Liverpool game in the pub which meant G&T (AND meant I got bloody well ID'd AGAIN at age 30 by a child no less) and (unfortunatley) a bloody great big plate of nachos and chilli. OOPS! And JUST as I finished there was a hand clapped on my shoulder and lo and behold it was the food police - aka my WW Guru! HAHAHA! BLOODY TYPICAL! Nowhere is safe - hahaha!!

So am back on straight and narrow (again) this week. Had a smoothie for breakfast for 4 points and 2 tea with skim, milk allowance of 1. I am swimming at lunchtime - which is now, as I glance at the clock!! - and have a salad for lunch with 2 ryvita and laughing cow cheese for 2 points. I haven't planned dinner yet but our kitchen is stocked full of gorgeous, fresh and healthy food to help me make wise, filling food choices and take a step further along the 'weigh' (HA!) in my quest to once again be a (healthy and fit) skinny minnie.........

How PMA is THAT!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh and PS dear readers, thanks for the commentarios on the 'New Career' post! I am glad you were all so amused and FYI na, I was wearing hot pink tights, black high heeled Mary Janes and a black shift dress, sunglasses and my Spring mac - so maybe the ol' git had a point?! HAHAHAHA

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