Thursday, 26 March 2009

Quick thought

This is really a memo to me to think through and possibly blog through. Currently reading "The Beck Diet Solution" by Dr. Judith Beck, which has in a roundabout way made me reflect on the phenom that is WW.

Speaking personally, I wonder if ww is maybe too "lax" for me? And by that I mean the ethos behind the diet is that you can eat what you want and nothing is verboten, it's not a "diet", it's a healthy eating way of living.....but do I NEED to have certain things forbidden to me, that are "not allowed", to help with my weight loss? Not sure, needs further thinkin'......any thoughts peeps?



PS- still cannot bloody walk!!!!!


cate said...

ooh lizbuff.....interesting stuff....i think i found with ww that the idea of always making short cuts and allowances and trying to squeeze in the things you wanted but were 'naughty' is what threw me in the end. My real issue is with not being able to stop eating the stuff once i even allowing a small bit means that i kind of lose will power...this is totally my perspective! i've given up sugar (except fruit sugar) for the past 4 weeks after reading this book called the sugar addicts diet. It was crazy because i identified with all the things it talked about, and realising just how much sugar was in the foods i ate was hideous...even the artificial sweetners that are in so many low fat foods, and how low fat usually just means high in sugar! So for me, thinking about my health, and being the grand old age of 30, i decided to cut it out completely. I feel so good...have lost 8 pounds, my skin is so good, my moods have got way better, i feel healthier, i feel like i'm choosing food because its good for me...not as a reaction. So there's my rant! ha...for someone who used to eat a massive bag of mini eggs every day, i'm now not missing it at all...well...that might be a small lie, but not so much.
Is that even interesting?? sorry...rant over x

♥ Dee ♥ said...

I think they are onto it now, though with the momentum thing. Choosing healthy foods FIRST then being able to have anything else on top of it, should you still be hungry/have the points left.

I don't think (and this is strictly my opinion) that you can permanently lose weight on bars and 100 calorie packs vs clean eating.

Gail said...

I think some people (me) are addicted to sugar and any amount is a dangerous business. I read about a study in which the researchers took scans of the brains of people who had been fasting and similar scans of people taking drugs. When the fasters ate their favorite foods and the drug users used drugs the same parts of their brains lit up. I can leave wine in my glass but not food on my plate-especially sugar and carbs.

Sal said...

I think the thing WW teaches you is exactly what my Grandma used to say - everything in moderation. It's ok to eat chocolate. Sorry to all those 'I'm giving up sugar' people but you're very brave and setting a huge target. Just try and forbid me from having something and you can guarantee I'll be craving it until I give into that craving and go stupid and eat the whole bar, drink the whole bottle, scoff the whole tub. But tell me I can have whatever I want as long as it's within these parameters and I'll more often than not make the healthy choices all on my lonesome, why am I gonna to waste my precious points on a bar of chocolate when I can have a banana, an apple, some plums and some crisp bread with homous, it's a no brainer. But then again if a couple of squares of lovely green and blacks is a total treat on a friday night after a week of mither and strife better that than feeling deprived - surely. When I feel deprived I feel crabby and rubbish. Sure of you're gonna eat a big mac then eat no point soup for the rest of the day, everyday, you can do that but you'd making bad choices I think.

Watching and Weighting said...

@ cate - hello lovely oen! welcome!!!!! fanx for your comments laydee! Intereseting indeed. Have you read 'Skinny Bitch'?

@ dee - Momentum is called Discover in the UK -weird hey!! I think youre right, i think that's what changing the programme was all about coz too many were 'winging it' by eating processed rubbish.

@ Gail - hellO!! I don't believe we've 'met' - thanks for commenting! See, I don't have a prob with sugar I don't think - wine HOWEVER!!!!!! hahaha

@ Sal - hey beauty! boy are we alike! You captured perfectly all the reasons why I heart ww....