Friday, 6 March 2009

" I'm a slave 4 u "

My mind that is.

So picture the scene, it's 12:38. I'm in the office. I've had 40g branflakes and a skinny latte (4.5), and I am fricking STARVING! I am trying to decide if the hunger I feel is psychological - as in boredom related, or if I am actually AM hungry. The LAST bloody thing I feel like doing in the world EVER right now is going for a swim.........I have precisely 20 minutes to psyche myself up to get my backside in the pool.......I think I can manage to stave off hunger for another hour...then I get to eat a lovely, wholesome, healthy lunch AND have the post-exercise-smugness.....PLUS if I don't go I will be well annoyed at myself.

I am absolutely SCARED to DEATH about getting weighed tomorrow as I do not think I have lost - even though, dear reader as you will no doubt attest, I BLOODY WELL DESERVE to have lost! I have been a perfect angel at this ww malarkey!

WHY CANT I LOSE WEIGHT??????????????????? (And NO before you ask, I am categorically NOT pregnant!)


I am driving myself mad now

Goin for a swim....

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