Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Quick catch up!


Relax peeps, I am still alive! I felt all achey and flu-y Friday daytime but was so preoccupied with cooking and entertaining that I got to Saturday and just flopped….probably didn’t help that I went out Saturday night too, so needless to say the weekend passed me by and I had to take Monday and Tuesday off and recuperate on the couch whilst watching ridiculous amounts of Gilmore Girls. (Season 5 so far so no plot spoilers please!!!!)

And now I’m back – I have spent all day thus far playing catch up and answering the inevitable 9 billion emails and wondering how the blooming heck I will get my diet back on track! Eating well and healthily has, shall we say, not been exactly a priority whilst I’ve been poorly sick. Friday all went according to plan, Saturday was good up until about 5pm…I felt so crappy and was on my way out to see a band so shoved a pizza in the oven and didn’t even think about points, Sunday I had coffee and cake with my mum and sister at the Art Gallery and beer and a burger Sunday evening. Monday I had some toast and soup and not much else and then yesterday I had toast again and a baked potato for lunch and then spag bol for dinner – which at least was ‘pointed’ and counted.

And so here we are at Wednesday – feeling better but stressing about how the hell I can claw back my week!

Today I’ve been back on the straight and narrow – 3 point smoothie for breakfast (home made), and for lunch home made sweet potato and chilli soup plus 4 ryvita and 2 laughing cow thingies, plus an apple. It feels good to be back on my regime again. I didn’t go swimming because I have not had a minute spare today, so I think I will go to the gym tonight instead.

For dinner I’m going to have stir fried vegetables in soy sauce possibly with noodles but maybe just the veg….I’m not feeling very food inspired this week, need to get back into the swing of things.

I’m sorry this is SUCH a boring post – Sal I know I owe you a post about the chocolate meringue cake – will get crackin’ later! And I need to tell you all about the personal trainer and heaps of other stuff, but this yawn post will have to suffice for now!

Good to be back though – you’ve all been busy in blogland – I’ve got LOADS of reading to catch up on!!!!

Tra luvs

BFP xxxx

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