Monday, 9 March 2009


So, this evening has mostly been spent cooking a spinach frittata (YUM!), chatting on the dog n bone to A (I heart u!), looking after Husband who has man flu (get OVER it!) And trying to sync my Flickr account with this blog. The result? A slidshow of bloody sunsets! I do NOT get it!!!!!!!!

I give up (for today).

Have banished self to the lounge with a cup of tea and the new 90210 because I keep eating CRAP!

Am up to 17 points for today. Went bloody mental when I got in and "spent" 3 on crisps, 3 on those BLOODY fairy cakes I made and one and a half on a ww bar! That's a full on frickin BINGE of 7.5 points!!!!!!

So, the rest of the cakes have gone in the bin and I am strictly on the straight and narrow if I am to have any hope of losing weight this week!!!

This, too, is a pattern avec moi. Work really hard-lose some weight- rejoice-relax the following week- eat crap- gain back the previous week's loss!!

The positive? I've managed to rein it in MUCH quicker than I usually do...usually it'd take me till about Wednesday to get my ww vibes back, so let's count that as a little triumph and STOP ARSING ABOUT!!!!

Nighty night!!

Love BFP xxxx

1 comment:

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Good for you for throwing the blasted things away!

No nutrition in them anyways. Empty points. Not worth it.